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Nuttimalt - For Malted Bread Flour

Nuttimalt is a coarsely kibbled (cut) malted wheat that gives that malty flavour when added to your favourite bread flour.

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As low as £3.26 £3.26
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Nuttimalt is used blended with flour to give a malty cereal flavour to your bread bake. One of the ingredients that you should use to make your own malted grain or "granary"-style flour (see below). It is also very nice sprinkled on top of yout tinned loaf.

Nuttimalt is a malted wheat that has been steamed, micronised (broken into small particles) and coarsely cut (kibbled). It consists of coarse particles that vary in colour from a creamy white to dark brown and when used delivers a characteristic malted cereal flavour with a pleasant wheat malt smell.

Make your own "granary"-style flour using this recipe.

Premix (to make 1kg flour for your recipe):

Mix these together and then use in your favourite recipe, or use:

Follow the method used in An English Twisted Loaf. If you would like extra malty chewiness then add 100g malted wheat flakes.