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Organic Durum Semolina Flour (Semola de Gran Duro) Ideal for Pasta

Organic Durum Semolina for dry pasta, fresh pasta, adding to bread or dusting of doughs and bannetons...also especially good coating boiled potatoes before roasting.

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As low as £3.70 £3.70
In stock

Mulino Marino

Durum wheat semolina flour (Semola de Gran Duro) is milled from selected organic wheat, free of any enhancers or other additives for making fresh or dry pasta, for adding to breads for extra chewiness or for dusting peels and bannetons. If you are looking to make traditional Italian pasta then you may like try the Sfarinato di Grano Duro, also a Durum flour but much finer. Semolina is great dusted over boiled potatoes just before giving them a shake and tipping them out for roasting.

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Flour Characteristics
Colour Yellow
Consistency Gritty
Odour Typical of wheat flour, free from strange smells (mould, fermentation etc.)
Flavour Typical, not rancid, healthy, pleasant


Technical Specification
Protein 14 - 15.5%
Moisture Level 15.50% (max)