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Organic Kamut (Khorasan) Flour

Organic Kamut (Khorasan) flour is an ancient ancestor of durum wheat, tasty and excellent for pizzas, bread and pasta.

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As low as £6.67 £6.67
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Mulino Marino

Organic Kamut (or Khorasan) flour milled by Mulino Marino for cakes, pasta and desserts. Kamut is an ancestor of durum wheat and is not thought to have undergone any changes for millennia. Unlike common wheat, kamut contains high levels of protein, unsaturated fats and very high levels of various mineral salts and minerals. There is also a significant amount of selenium present in kamut (which has antioxidant properties) which is considerably higher than in traditional cereals. There is an excellent soda bread recipe using this flour here.

Kamut is a registered Khorasan grain and Mulino Marino is authorised to mill it, which it does using natural stone and then sieving it to make it suitable for many applications including pizzas, bread and pasta.


Flour Characteristics
Colour Beige
Consistency Typical of stone-ground flour
Odour Typical of the French natural stone-ground flour, free from strange smells (Mold, fermented, etc.)
Flavour Typical, healthy, pleasant