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Organic Type "0" Manitoba Flour

Type "0" organic Manitoba flour for panettone, pandoro, colomba and Italian traditional enriched breads.

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As low as £4.24 £4.24
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As low as £4.24 £4.24
In stock

Mulino Marino

Type "0" organic Manitoba flour is milled from selected organic wheat, free of any enhancers or other additives for panettone, pandoro, colomba and Italian traditional enriched breads.

The name Manitoba derives from the Aboriginal people of the Canadian region of Manitoba. This flour has the special characteristic of forming a very high quantity of gluten during the kneading and cooking of bread. In Italy, Manitoba flours are often mixed in with Italian-produced flours in order to obtain a specific strength of dough - this blending process is carried out directly in the mills but this pure Manitoba type 0 is 100% pure and is perfect for getting really fabulous results for your panettone.

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Flour Characteristics
Colour Creamy White
Consistency Powder imperceptible to the touch, slightly cohesive
Odour Typical of wheat flour, free from strange smells (mould, fermentation etc.)
Flavour Typical, not rancid, healthy, pleasant


Technical Specification
W 360 - 450
P/L 0.55 - 0.68
Protein 15 - 16%
Moisture Level 15.50% (max)