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Cotswold Summer Honey, 330g

Oxfordshire summer honey, produced in the Cotswolds, is upfront with bright elderflower, apricot and opal fruit/peardrop tastes. These transform into a lingering and surprisingly warm finish to make delightfully delicate honey.

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Bermondsey Street Bees

Monoculture and shrinking green space means that many country bees living on or near farmland risk starvation. But enlightened farming practice preserves woodland, manages meadows and reinstates hedgerows to allow honeybees to live healthy lives and make rich, complex honeys like this: A perfect expression of the English countryside in high summer.

The honey is supplied in an attractive 330g jar. The honey is cold extracted and filtered to preserve the delicate flavours. Raw honey may naturally crystalise over time which changes the texture but not the flavour. To return it to liquid, loosen the lid and stand the jar in hot water.