Panettone Alto Ondulato Cases, 1kg or 168mm 10-405 pieces

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Panettone Alto Ondulato cases, 1kg or 168mm 10-405 pieces. Ondulato cases are made from stiff corrugated paper. Like all our panettone cases, they are fully biodegradable and free-standing needing no support.

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Traditional Panettone, made with commercial yeast

Traditional Panettone, made with commercial yeast
This version of panettone I’ve written for you here follows Massari’s now-classic methods, from his & Zoia’s landmark book on sweet dough making, Cresci: The Art of Leavened Dough, but uses commercial yeast as a base for the mother dough. Massai describes this sort of yeasted method as a very respectable alternative to the one made with natural leaven (known as Lievito Naturale, Pasta ... Read more
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