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Panettone Alto Ondulato Cases, 500g or 135mm 10-240 pieces

Panettone alto ondulato cases, 500g or 135mm 10-400 pieces. Ondulato cases are made from stiff corrugated paper. Like all our panettone cases, they are free-standing needing no support.

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As low as £9.02 £7.52
In stock
As low as £9.02 £7.52
In stock

Cases for individual Panettone Ondulato, that is, with stiff corrugated paper. Panettone is a traditional Italian sweetened celebratory cake for Christmas but commonly eaten year-round. These cases have a 135mm diameter, a height of 95mm and are suitable for approximately 500g of dough. Pack sizes are from 10 upwards - choose the pack size you require from the drop-down below. These cases are gluten-free and are free-standing needing no support in the oven.

Panettone originates in Milan and is usually made as a Christmas cake - nowadays enjoyed around the world and not just at Christmas.

A homemade Panettone, using a good recipe that follows the authentic long proving and contains quality ingredients is incomparable with the supermarket versions.