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Professional Flour Tub, Various Colours and Sizes

Tough baker's flour tub, seed or proving tub, very robust and stackable, sizes from 18 to 73 Litres in various colours, red, yellow, white, green. blue and white.

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As low as £19.72 £16.43
In stock
As low as £19.72 £16.43
In stock

Robust and stackable flour tubs designed for heavy-duty use suitable for storing flour and dry ingredients in various colurs and capacities. The tubs are stackable for efficient use of space and are excellent for the bulk storage of your flour.

The table below gives the approximate kg capacity for each tub based on white flour which needs about 2.3 litres for each 1 kg flour. Note that most other flours are more dense and so more weight of flour will fit into the same space.

Don't forget to choose the colour and size you need. All tubs have the same diameter so they are all stackable. They may be stacked with or without the optional lids.

Flour Tub Dimensions
Tub Size (Litres)White Flour Capacity (kg)
18 7
30 13
50 21
73 31

The table below shows the tub dimensions, note that they all have the same diameter.

Flour Tub Capacity
Tub Size (Litres)DiameterHeight (including lid)
18 42.5cm/16.5 19cm/7.5"
30 42.5cm/16.5 32cm/12.5"
50 42.5cm/16.5 44cm/17.5"
73 42.5cm/16.5 65cm/25.5"