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Pullman Bread Pan 12x12cm Slices, 1.4kg

A pan to make a 40cm long, 12cm square loaf with a slide-on lid for baking square slices, perfect for sandwiches.

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A 40cm long pan with a slide-on lid for baking 12cm square slices perfect for making sandwiches. Its capacity is for approximately 1.4kg dough (depending on the recipe).

Robust and designed for use in the catering industry, the pan will last for many years. The external tin dimensions (including the lid) are (l x h x w) 435 x 135 x 140mm. Make sure this will fit your oven.

The pan should be washed and thoroughly dried before first use. When used, lightly oil the pan with a vegetable oil and when finished, the best way to look after them is to wipe them with a light vegetable oil.

The pullman pan is made from aluminised steel sheet, that is low carbon steel with a surface treatment on both sides of an aluminium and silicon alloy. The resultant pans are suitable for use at temperatures up to 230°C or 450F. If the pan must be washed, it should be hand-washed with mild detergent using a sponge, then rinsed and dried very thoroughly.

Note: As described these are robust pans designed for the professional catering industry and so built for functionality rather than beauty! You may see some minor scratches on the surface which will not impede the performance but rather is simply not important to the professional baker.