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Who is BakeryBits?

BakeryBits is a small business in Devon, southwest England, selling good quality and hard-to-get products for the growing artisan bread baking community in the UK and overseas.

Why is BakeryBits?

While striving to learn how to make really good artisan bread using wild yeast to make a natural leaven, it became clear - and frustrating - how many products could be used to reproduce really good bread but were hard to get in small quantities. We started importing a quantity of proofing baskets, keeping some and selling the excess to find an immediate demand for them. This gave us a taste for developing the range, listening to customers and then sourcing the best products available.

...the other "why" is that it gives an excuse to get hold of interesting gadgets to build our own collection!

Got Some Good Ideas?

Is there some hard-to-get product that you think would sit well in our range? We'd love to hear from you and will take a good look at what you think would be worth stocking. If we agree, we'll try to track some down and stock it. Simple! Give us your thoughts by emailing us: