Following a recent photo shoot, we’ve lots of new products to share with you over the next weeks. This week, there are 4 new flours from Mulino Marino, from their Italian stone-ground organic rice flour to their 7-grain flour which is one I am keen to try this weekend.

With a long weekend coming up I became a little reflective. We’ve been flat out since before Christmas and we have noticed a big increase in our exports (over 60 countries from Brazil to Bhutan). There are several reasons for this, some are quite prosaic such as the fall in the value of the Pound coupled with a much more cost-effective courier. But something more interesting is going on I think, and that seems to be a growing interest in real bread, not only in the countries where it is well established but also in many others, especially the Middle and Far East. Their issues with making bread are different from ours on our rocky island in the middle of the north Atlantic: for them (apart from getting hold of the ingredients) it is more about keeping the dough cool enough to have a good, slow fermentation.

Courses seem to be increasingly internationally too. I know that Vanessa has had people travelling from New Zealand and Dubai just to attend her Sourdough School. Similarly, there are bakers in UK keen to try courses around the world. Our courses page is dominated by UK courses but is about to have a much more international flavour as we add a series from around the world, some of which are introduced below. If you have a course that you would like us to add to our page, send us an email with details and we’ll do the rest (it’s free!). Some courses get more than 30% of their bookings through their entry here.

International Baking Courses


Bourke Street Bakery
18 Anderson Street, Banksmeadow, NSW, 2019

Regular two hour classes are run by the Bourke Street Bakery’s head baker, covering the whole bread making process from flour to finished loaf. The classes teach techniques that can be used in a home kitchen, and are pitched at a level suitable for both keen beginners and those with some baking experience.

There is a Sourdough Master Class, in which you will learn everything from making and maintaining your own starter, through mixing and shaping dough, to tips and tricks for a perfect bake. In the Italian Bread Master Class you can discover the stories behind some classic Italian breads as well as learning how to make them. And if you are looking to broaden your baking repertoire, you can learn how to make a perfect frangipane tart in the Pastry Master Class.

Brasserie Bread
1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow NSW 2019

Brasserie Bread runs regular adult’s and children’s classes. For adults there are three hour workshops. These include an introductory class teaching the basic techniques needed to make great bread at home (The Home Baker Workshop) and The Art of Sourdough which covers all the essential skills needed to create a sourdough starter and use it to bake long fermented loaves. There is also a class for gluten free bakers, a pastry class and a brioche workshop.

Children’s classes run every Saturday and during school holidays. There are free, one hour baking classes, which are booked up almost as soon as they are released. The theme of the holiday baking classes vary depending on the season. Classes are designed to help develop an interest both in baking and in the ingredients used, giving children a chance to see where their food comes from.


Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts
670 Caledonia Road, Unit 100, Toronto, Canada M6E 4V9

The college runs weekend baking classes from its midtown location. For aspiring bread bakers there are two classes suitable for beginners. As well as bread making techniques, each one covers the role of each of the ingredients, and how to use a home oven to bake a perfect loaf. Learn to make pizza, pitta and a sandwich loaf in the Bread Basics & Beyond class, or focaccia, pizza, baguettes and multigrain bread in the Artisanal Breads class.

Vancouver Pastry School
818 Renfrew Street, Vancouver BC V5K 4B6

The Vancouver Pastry School runs an eight week Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate, aimed at home bakers who want an in-depth knowledge of baking techniques. There are eight courses covered in the certificate program, which can all be taken over the eight week period, or taken as individual classes. The classes cover an introduction to bread baking, sourdough, European, spelt and whole grain breads.


CPH Good Food
Ørestads Boulevard 57C, 225 2300, Copenhagen.

Mia Irene Kristensen runs a range of cooking classes, including the Nordic Baking class. This is a chance to learn some traditional Scandinavian baking – dark rye bread, sweet cinnamon buns and crispbreads. This half-day class is suitable for beginners.


La Cuisine Paris
80 Quai de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris

A French cookery school in the heart of Paris, offering a range of classes conducted in English. Learn how to bake baguettes and fougasse in the French Baguettes & Boulangerie class, or choose to perfect your pastry skills in the Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries class. Take home freshly baked goodies to enjoy at home, along with newly acquired skills to practice in your own kitchen.

Hong Kong

Levain Bakery
Shop B, 87 Caine Road, Central, Hong Kong

The Levain Bakery runs a range of bread making classes which teach essential skills and techniques for baking perfect loaves. Most classes are conducted in Cantonese, but private English classes can be requested.

New Zealand

The New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Level 3, 104 Customs Street West, Viaduct, Auckland 1010

Located in downtown Auckland, the school runs a wide variety of cooking and hospitality courses. The short courses on offer include two covering artisan breads. The Bread Dough To Ciabatta class covers classic white and wholemeal loaves, sourdough and ciabatta, while the Brioche To Focaccia class teaches techniques for making brioche, English muffins, rye sourdough and focaccia.


Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School
1 Greendale Avenue, 289495 Singapore

Baking classes at the school are run by Dean Brettschneider and include Basic Bread Baking, Bread Baking with Grains, and Italian Flatbreads & Pizza. Once you have completed the Basic Bread Baking class, there is the option to extend your skills on one of the two-day advanced bread baking courses.

Bakerz@Work Academy
100 Beach Road, #02-19 Shaw Tower, 189702 Singapore

Chef William Woo, a good friend of Vanessa’s shares his passion for bread baking in a range of classes and in the Basic Artisan Bread Baking Program. One-day classes run at the academy include High Hydration Loaf, Traditional Italian Bread, French Baguette, and Baking Enriched Bread. The Artisan Bread Baking Program covers the theory and practice of bread making, and is more suited to bakers with some experience.

South Africa

Crust & Crumb
90 Phantom Street, Raceview, Alberton, Johannesburg

Crust & Crumb is a home bakery in Johannesburg which offers monthly Artisan Bread Making workshops. The one-day class covers the science behind long fermentation bread, as well as the practical techniques for mixing, shaping and baking a perfect loaf. There is a light lunch of freshly baked pizza and lots of hands-on experience.


Le Pain Quotidien

Bread baking classes are run in Le Pain Quotidien bakeries across the USA. Classes offered vary from one store to another (see website for more information). In each class the Le Pain Quotidien bakers share their favourite recipes, techniques and stories as they teach essential bread making skills.

The Artisan Bread School
12102 La Grange Road, Louisville KY 40223

Based at MozzaPi Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky, The Artisan Bread School runs Introduction to Sourdough and Pizza Making classes. For keen bakers there is also the Bread Camp – five days of intensive baking, covering everything from milling your own flour, through baking theory, to practical bread making skills.


Northwest Sourdough

Teresa Greenway, someone Vanessa recommends, teaches sourdough baking through a range of online courses. From an introductory sourdough course, to classic and artisan sourdoughs, bagels and challah, there are courses for everyone. The online format allows you to learn at your own pace, and return to the teaching materials as often as needed.

Featured Products

Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker | £139

Prove bread, make yogurt and make one pot meals with ease with the The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer and Slow Cooker. Compact when folded down and ideal for those wanting to prove bread but with no warm cupboard.

Organic 7 Grain (Sette Effe) Flour | £3.61

Organic 7-grain (Sette Effe) flour is an organic blend from Mulino Marino of 7 different cereals including durum wheat, barley and buckwheat making a flour that makes excellent bread, pasta, pastry and biscuits.

Handmade Black Walnut Lame (Right-Handed) | £24.00

Craftsman made, black walnut lame with brass fittings, these are baker's lames for those looking for beauty and functionality. Delivered in its own box with spare blades, this is the lame to show your friends.

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