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We love getting new stock in. The whole warehouse gets into baking with the newest ingredient or equipment, so we’ve been busy baking scones with our new cutters.

While we’ve been enjoying cups of tea and cream with strawberry jam, we’ve been debating, jam or cream first? We’d love to know your thoughts. As Devonians, we use clotted cream and then the jam (as nature intended) … our Cornish friends apply the cream and jam upside down! The photo is Vanessa’s, I think she must visit Cornwall more than Devon.

Heavy Gauge Cutters

In the meantime we’ve come to the conclusion in the BakeryBits kitchen that anything less than beautifully made isn't worth the money. We've tried all sorts of cutters to find the perfect ones, and what we've discovered are some fabulous quality heavy gauge cutters that have been finished to the highest standards. Of course we considered lots of cutters, and although it is tempting to buy cheap ones they often rust, have rough edges and bend out of shape easily. We're of the option that it's cheaper in the long run to buy one that could, and there is the romance of having good quality bakeware... we like to think that if treated well good quality bakeware can be handed down the generations.

When we asked Vanessa, our in house baker, to try them out she was really impressed. "They are a joy to use. It's not just that they feel good in your hand, it's that you get a far better result from using them. They cut true, so you lose less air from the dough and as a result you get a lighter scone or biscuit."

Seasonal Sourdough Scones Recipe

We have a delightfully seasonal sourdough scones recipe for you on our blog which is made using unrefreshed sourdough starter and vanilla, perfect with strawberries and clotted cream for an English summer treat.

Vanessa Kimbell's Scone Recipe Kit

The kit you need for the best sourdough scones from a recipe devised by Vanessa Kimbell containing a choice of cutters, along with vanilla powder, organic flour, organic baking powder, and a FREE pot of Devonshire strawberry jam.

Round and Corrugated Pastry Cutters (Set of 9)

German-made, high-grade stainless steel pastry or cookie cutters, made for the professional chef, they are uncompromisingly strong and unlike many others, will not easily deform.

User Baking Gallery

Featured images courtesy of (from left): Linzi Barrow, Christopher Roberts, Jonathan Cook

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