Summary: NIZI Bakery is an award-winning micro-bakery in the heart of Hereford. We bake a selection of sourdough and long fermentation breads as well as savoury goods and viennoisserie.

Business Name: NIZI Bakery


Location: Hereford

Closing Date: 31-03-2020

Remuneration: Depending on experience

Job Description: "Hi, I’m David.
I opened NIZI Bakery in Hereford in March 2019 and I’m now looking for someone to come and work with me. Could this be the ideal opportunity for you?

Maybe you’re an experienced baker, maybe you’ve worked in professional kitchens and want to delve deeper into the world of artisan bread. Who knows, maybe you’re looking for a career change and are willing to work hard, learn fast and be part of the incredible process of transforming simple ingredients into delicious products. Baking at home can be fun, relaxing and therapeutic. Working in a professional bakery is a whole other story. Being an artisan baker is physically demanding: you need to be strong, but also gentle when shaping each delicate loaf. You need to have the stamina to get up night after night, firing up the ovens and getting loaf and loaf baked to perfection while everyone else is snug in their bed. However, your hard work as part of a small team will be valued and your ideas will be heard.

Let me tell you a little more about the bakery…

It’s really small. It’s basically an open-plan bakery and shop. I make a range of sourdough and long fermentation loaves as well as sweet and savoury pastries and focaccia. Flavour is obviously really important to me, and so is the sense of community that we have in and around the bakery. You will get to know the people who take your bread home to share with their families. I get loads of valuable feedback from customers and use this to modify recipes and create new products. You will be a key part of this process too.

Sustainability is a key aspect of my philosophy for the bakery: using quality ingredients, sourcing sustainably and locally where possible, reducing waste, as well as finding that elusive work-life balance that is sustainable for us bakers. One of the reasons I decided to have an open plan bakery is so that customers can see that connection between the work and skill of a baker and the products they are buying. As we go forward together, I hope to build and expand on this even more, creating a stronger connection between the raw ingredients we use and the people who take our bread home to enjoy.
If this philosophy strikes a chord with you, and you’re already starting to imagine what it would be like to join NIZI Bakery, please drop me a line, send me an email or pop into the bakery for a chat."

Contract: Permanent

Expected Hours: full time, including nights and weekends

Personal Qualities: passionate and hard-working

Applications: Please send a CV and short cover note to David at