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Artisan Baker for Waas Bakery, Shetland

I recently bought this profitable, 30 year old bakery, which is currently wholesale only.  

An incredible opportunity - the local market is woefully underserved, and more imporantly, there is enormous potential in exporting long shelf life items, e.g., shortbread, water biscuits and oatcakes under the 'Shetland' brand.

Shetland is definitley not for everyone, but for someone who wants to live in a pristine, gorgeous, very quite place with an excellent quality of life (schools, medical, infrastructure), away from the toxic hubbub of city life, this is perfection; a wonderful place to raise a family and perfect one's craft.

Comfortable one-bedroom apartment above bakery available, as finding housing in Shetland is a challenge.  But once a trusted member of the community, which shouldn't take long, there will numerous options (most with sea views!).



We are a small team of 10 making myriad products - from artisan, 'real' bread (sourdough etc), to water biscuits, oatcakes and butteries.  The plan is to soon open a retail shop in the main town, Lerwick (40 min away), so higher qulity breads and pastries can be showcased.  

You should be focussed on high quality, 'real' bread, but also a generalist who is perfectly happy making any and all of our items, and willing to try new things.



  • Permanent
Expected hours
  • Full time
Qualifications Required   
  • Training with natural breads, sourdoughs, etc.
  • Experience as a baker making high-quality products.
  • Excellent references.

Personal Qualities

  • Open minded, flexible, and work well with others.

  • Self starter, hard worker (Shetlanders are very, very hard working, withough complaints.  Showing you can do that will make you accepted).
  • Enjoy out doors, being part of a small, very supportive community.


  • Generous base salary plus profit sharing


  • Please send cover letter and resume to

    Be sure to include evidence you know, or have done some research on Shetland, and be convincing as to why you think you would be happy in such a place.  Those who love it couldn't imagine living anwhere else - everyone else can't imagine it.  There is no grey area.

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