Waas Bakery was started over 30 years ago to serve the local market on the 'West Side' of Shetland.

I bought the bakery last year as I see tremendous potential in improving quality (which had become lackluster), and developing the brand.

Business Name: Waas Bakery

Location: Walls, Shetland

Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience

Closing Date: 31-05-2017




An incredible opportunity for the right person: A baker who would love living in Shetland, while working with a small team and helping to develop a brand.

Remote island living is definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy a pristine, stunning, very tranquil setting (except during gales . . .), with an excellent quality of life (schools, medical, infrastructure), away from the toxic hubbub of city life, this is perfection; a wonderful place to perfect one's craft while enjoying healthy lifestyle and nature. Also perfect for raising a family.

We are not only in Shetland, but in Walls - a 40 min drive from Lerwick (the main town). Please look at images on google maps before considering . . .

We are a team of 10 making myriad products - from artisan breads (sourdough etc), to water biscuits, oatcakes and butteries (see facebook page); meat pies, millionaires squares and chocolate chip cookies.

I recently discovered the bakery for sale when visiting relatives, and bought it because of its wonderful potential: though already consistently profitable, there is much 'low hanging fruit', i.e., rationalization and improving of existing products, introduction of new ones, etc.

The local market is woefully undeserved by fresh, high-quality breads, and there is enormous potential in exporting long shelf life items, e.g., shortbread, water biscuits and oatcakes under the 'Shetland' brand.

Plans to open a retail shop in the main town, Lerwick, are in the works, so even higher quality and specialty breads and pastries can be showcased.

Generous base salary plus profit sharing to be negotiated based on experience and potential.

Comfortable one-bedroom apartment above bakery available for initial residence. Once you are once a trusted member of the community, which shouldn't take long, there will numerous options (most with stunning sea views, e.g.:

Before applying, please be prepared to demonstrate you've researched living in Shetland, and be convincing as to why you would thrive here.


Permanent | full time


You should be focused on high-quality, 'real bread', and have a proven track record, but also a generalist who is happy making various items, and willing to try new things.

Looking for someone who is open minded, flexible, and works well with others; a self starter, hard worker . . .

Helpful if you enjoy outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, fishing, crofting), and being part of a small, very supportive community.

Personal Qualities:

A passion for quality, constant learning and growth.

The ability and interest in working with a disparate team.

Creativity and curiosity . . .

. . . a desire to live and grow in a place as unique and special as Shetland.


Please send an email with cover letter and CV, and photos of a few products you are most proud of.

Please include an explanation as to why you feel you would be happy in Shetland.