Summary: Wild Hearth is a special bakery.

Established in May 2017 by John Castley (@wildhearthbakery), Matteo Serpi (@ilpanificiobrutto) and Francesca Selvaggio (@francescaselvaggio), with assistance from Ian Lowe (@apieceofbread), we are a high quality artisan bakery located in the beautiful town of Comrie, Scotland.

We have a large Bassanina wood-fired oven, in which we bake a range of sourdough breads. We are one of the few bakeries in the UK making 100% naturally leavened viennoiserie.

Wild Hearth has grown fast and we supply to restaurants, shops, cafes and caterers, as well as selling directly through farmers' markets. Customers include Andrew Fairlie, Scotland's only 2 star Michelin chef, and several other 1 star chefs.

Our team is expanding and we need two bakers, one of whom will work part time on sourdough viennoiserie. One will need to have formal training in, or in depth self-taught knowledge of, the more advanced aspects of baking, such as recipe formulation and dough rheology, as well as people management skills.

You must be willing to relocate. There are rental properties available if you do so, and we can assist with short term accommodation to enable you to find somewhere longer term.

If you are interested, please contact me on:

I look forward to hearing from you.


Business Name: Wild Hearth Bakery


Location: Comrie, Scotland

Closing Date: 29-08-2018

Remuneration: Negotiable

Job Description: You will be responsible for some or all aspects of production inclusive of scheduling the production of all of our baked products, maintaining starters and leavens, documenting formulae and methods and checking all of our products to ensure that they are consistently prepared to our extremely high-quality expectation.

If you are employed in a leadership role, you will have a passion for leading and motivating our dedicated team members and be able to demonstrate a commitment and willingness to share your knowledge and skills to ensure that all team members are fully trained on all aspects of production leading them successfully into productive working whilst creating an environment of continuous learning and development. You will lead by an example with a professional approach and ensure that all new team members are provided with a full induction into our practices, processes and production.

We believe baking should provide a healthy lifestyle and, as such, we have moved to a daytime work schedule. The current pattern is two overlapping shifts 06:30 - 16:30 and 10:00 - 20:00.

Contract: Permanent

Expected Hours: Full time: four 10 hours shifts

Personal Qualities: For both positions:
* Commitment to high standards of quality
* Attention to detail
* Honesty
* Excellent communication skills
* A positive attitude towards work, if problems arise, having the ability to come up with innovative solutions to such daily challenges.

If you are employed in a leadership role:
* The ability to be fair and honest as a manager
* Great organisational skills, the ability to lead and forward plan bakery production in an efficient effective way
* Knowledge and experience of training mentoring and coaching team members
* A good leader and motivator with a passion for ensuring the team is focused on their objectives
* The ability to take accountability for your own goals, fostering a culture of accountability within the bakery
* A good decision maker, the ability to make the right decisions using their experience and the information to hand
* Ability to use spreadsheets and other software

We are above all a friendly and happy workplace so humour and positivity are highly valued.

Formal qualifications are an advantage but self-acquired knowledge and industry experience are also highly valued

Applications: Email with a covering message and your CV.

I look forward to hearing from you.