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Artisan Flour

  • Artisan Flour From Redbournbury Mill

    Artisan bread is made with the finest flour made from the best grain and by a skilled miller who understands both the grain and the demands of the baker. We have been stocking English stoneground organic flour from the Redbournbury watermill for over three years because you tell us that it gives excellent-tasting bread. Redbournbury Mill, near St Albans is brimming with history. It is mentioned in the Domesday book and runs on Victorian machinery, turning the grinding stones in the same way that they have been for centuries. Justin, the proprietor of the mill tells how the grain...

  • Mulino Marino “00” Soffiata - Flour of the Month

    April’s flour of the Month is Mulino Marino “00” Soffiata. 00 is the one flour that I would never be without.  It’s one of the best basic white flours a baker can have in the cupboard and I use it for everything, and I mean everything.  Bread, pizzas baguettes, brioche, croissants, muffins, cakes, pancakes and ciabatta with a 14 – 16% protein the 00 is a bakers essential and this one is as finely milled as it gets. Mulino Marino’s creamy white type 00 Soffiata flour is milled from organic wheat and is free of any enhancers or other...

  • Buck up your baking with some Buckwheat

    Buckwheat is really delectable nutty gluten-free (although may have been ground in a mill grinding wheat) flour that adds a wonderful depth of flavour and texture to most recipes. For some strange reason buckwheat seems to have fallen by the margins in the UK. It is even listed under the heading of “Miscellaneous Bread Flours” in Elizabeth David’s English Bread and Yeast Cookery (1977). In it she says “Although little is known nowadays in England, buckwheat was certainly grown to a small extent in the Midland counties in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.  The seed was used to feed pheasants...

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