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  1. Mak's Bread

    Mak's Bread
    Come and join our small, friendly bread baking class in Central Scotland. Learn how to make a variety of tasty breads without the €Ÿéadded extras€Ÿë of supermarket bread. Hands-on classes takes place in my kitchen using a domestic oven so the skills you learn are easily transferred to your own home. All ingredients, equipment, lunch and refreshments are included. You...
  2. Everybread

    Everybread is a micro-bakery in Ashton-Under-Lyne, bringing the choice of honest, decent, slow-made, hand-crafted bread to more people in Manchester and encouraging them to make their own. Iain's Introduction to Bread-making course takes place with a maximum of four people in his domestic kitchen, showing you what you can do in yours. The four hours or so spent together are...
  3. Bakerz@Work Academy

    Bakerz@Work Academy
    The academy was set up in 2012 by artisan baker, William Woo and partners. They have recently relocated to the current address with a set up of about 3000 sq feet. The new location allows them to further expand their bakery, pastry courses and also sufficient space to conduct international masterclasses. Some of their classes and programs include : Bread...
  4. Bourke Street Bakery

    Bourke Street Bakery
    Regular two hour classes are run by the Bourke Street Bakery€Ÿës head baker, covering the whole bread making process from flour to finished loaf. The classes teach techniques that can be used in a home kitchen, and are pitched at a level suitable for both keen beginners and those with some baking experience. There is a Sourdough Master Class, in...
  5. Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts

    Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts
    The college runs weekend baking classes from its midtown location. For aspiring bread bakers there are two classes suitable for beginners. As well as bread making techniques, each one covers the role of each of the ingredients, and how to use a home oven to bake a perfect loaf. Learn to make pizza, pitta and a sandwich loaf in the...
  6. Vancouver Pastry School

    Vancouver Pastry School
    The Vancouver Pastry School runs an eight week Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate, aimed at home bakers who want an in-depth knowledge of baking techniques. There are eight courses covered in the certificate program, which can all be taken over the eight week period, or taken as individual classes. The classes cover an introduction to bread baking, sourdough, European, spelt...
  7. CPH Good Food

    CPH Good Food
    Mia Irene Kristensen runs a range of cooking classes, including the Nordic Baking class. This is a chance to learn some traditional Scandinavian baking €ŸØ dark rye bread, sweet cinnamon buns and crispbreads. This half-day class is suitable for beginners.
  8. Veg Patch Kitchen

    Veg Patch Kitchen
    Learn to make a selection of breads on a full-day or evening course with Kath. The full-day course takes place in a beautiful 17th century farmhouse kitchen in South Shropshire and we make as much as we can in a day from white bread, enriched dough, olive oil breads and flatbreads. Lunch is enjoyed in the glass room and there...
  9. Bread Angels at Birch Cottage Bread

    Bread Angels at Birch Cottage Bread
    Lucie Steel runs Birch Cottage Bread from a shipping container in her garden in rural West Berkshire. Lucie has been baking since she was a young girl in her mothers kitchen on the hill sheep farm she grew up on and is now a fully fledged Bread Angel. Courses include Basic Breads, Italian Breads and Sourdough. Bespoke classes for groups...
  10. Abergavenny Baker

    Abergavenny Baker
    Learn how to bake wonderful artisan breads from around the world. Rachael Watson is a home taught baker and a GP with a passion for life, laughter and beautiful bread. In her one day classes in Orchard House at the base of the Sugarloaf Mountain you will discuss the history and science of bread over a cup of coffee. Then...