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  1. Artisan Bread School

    Artisan Bread School
    On all Artisan Bread School courses an emphasis is placed on sourdough bread, with participants creating their own sourdough culture, learning how to maintain it, store and refresh it prior to bread-making. Other breads use a combination of sourdough leaven & commercial yeast.  In addition we work with commercial yeast either directly into the dough or as an overnight sponge. ...
  2. Bread Matters

    Bread Matters
    Time to take bread into your own hands If you want to learn how to make the real thing, Bread Matters is the place to come. It's led by Andrew Whitley who started one of the UK's best known organic bakeries in the 1970s. After many years as a full-time artisan baker and pioneer of wood-fired ovens, he knows what...
  3. White Cottage Bakery

    White Cottage Bakery
    White Cottage Bakery offers a range of bread making courses. You can learn the basics with us, or explore the joys of wonderful French or Italian breads, right through to Sourdough Masterclasses. The workshops are held in small groups in our Farmhouse kitchen in the beautiful South Cambridgeshire countryside. The day courses are run primarily at the weekends and all...
  4. Wild Baker

    Wild Baker
    I run wild yeast sourdough bread making classes for a maximum of six participants per course, giving you lots of individual attention. Over the course of a morning we will go through each stage of the sourdough baking process, including how to make, maintain and store a sourdough starter. You will learn different kneading and shaping techniques and I will...
  5. Joe's Bakery, Bristol

    Joe's Bakery, Bristol
    Based on Gloucester Rd, in Bristol, Joe’s bakery has been owned and run by Martin and Jane Hunt since 1990 where there has been a bakery on site for over 120 years. Jane said “We are really pleased to be featured by BakeryBits. We love supporting a family business like our own. The most important thing that we do is...
  6. How to use Bakers' Percentages

    The recipes that most of us are familiar with use specific weights of flour, leaven, salt etc in grams, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups or ounces. But what if you would like to make the recipe a little larger, or a lot larger? Doubling or trebling a recipe using mental arithmetic is usually easy enough but can lead to very annoying mistakes (at least, in my experience!). Making an odd proportion of the original recipe, say 3/4 or 2.5 times is much more prone to error. Read More
  7. Sourdough Starters - How Do you Care For Yours?

    Ask a dozen bakers how they look after their sourdough starter (or leaven), you'll probably get a baker's dozen replies. Everyone starts by avidly following guides to get started - Dan Lepard's method in his excellent The Handmade Loaf is how I started mine, several years ago now. Read More
  8. Easy BBQ Burger Baps

    Easy BBQ Burger Baps
    We all like to rush out at the first sign that there might be some sunshine, dust down the barbecue and savour the smells and flavours of outdoor cooking. In the UK, each sunny day may be the last for some time, so we have to make the most of it!
  9. First Honey of the Year!

    Just sharing some of our excitement at Croakham Farm with our first honey of the year - 76lb - the first for 3 years as we've had no summer for ages so we're happy with that. The farm next door has been good enough to plant lots of Oil Seed Rape - great for bees and bad for hay-fever... Read More
  10. Crusty White With Sekowa Spezial Backferment

    Crusty White With Sekowa Spezial Backferment
    The Sekowa Spezial Backferment is an alternative to fast-acting yeasts and to sourdoughs or levains. It is a honey-based ferment very popular in Germany since it gives many of the qualities of sourdough breads without the need to.