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Liam Salvage

  1. Recipe: Honey cake with fresh ginger and sourdough

    Recipe: Honey cake with fresh ginger and sourdough
    This recipe has grown out of one I wrote back in 1998 for my first book, “Baking with Passion”, where I was making a honey cake and wanted it to have a fresh bright ginger flavour. The bran-rich nuttiness of the Foricher’s Organic Farine Complète t150 Brun de Plaisir flour suits this cake to a tee and helps to make a...
  2. Recipe: Pain Complet with Honey

    Recipe: Pain Complet with Honey
    In France a “Pain Complet” is almost what we would call a wholemeal loaf. However, the flour used is typically slightly more refined: often roller milled without the wheat germ, resulting in a bread with rich dark crumb colour but a rather lighter texture than our regular 100% wholemeal bread, yet maintaining a bold bran flavour. This means that if...
  3. Your Guide to Bannetons, by Dan Lepard

    Your Guide to Bannetons, by Dan Lepard
    Your transition from hobbiest to baking maestro...   Bannetons, the rite of passage that signifies a happy home-cook changing from a casual loaf baker to a budding artisan bread maestro is the day you buy your first BakeryBits banneton. Its arrival marks the day you start to craft the shape and crust of your bread more finely, and from that...
  4. Traditional French Baguette Recipe

    Traditional French Baguette Recipe
    Ingredients for baguette: Makes a large 700g (baked weight) loaf 500g Farine CRC T80 (French T80 Stoneground White Flour) 350g water, about 25C 100g active sourdough, mixed at 1:1 flour to water Optional 0.5g - 1g fast action yeast, like Saf Levure Active Dried Yeast 10g salt, like Sea Salt Original Crystals     A recipe by Dan Lepard. A crisp home-baked baguette, one that...

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