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baguette recipe

  • The Perfect Baguette - From the Larousse Book of Bread by Éric Kayser

    We are all really excited here at Bakerybits - there is a Larousse Book of bread freshly translated just out. The book is a step-by-step guide to French bread and as I turned each page it was everything I had ever been taught as an apprentice in a French bakery many years ago. It is written by Éric Kayser, who is is one of France’s most famous and respected bakers. Master baker and entrepreneur Éric Kayser grew up in Alsace, and is the fifth generation of a baking family. Éric is passionate about creating artisan bread and the book shows you how easy it is...

  • Sweet summer breads

    As the summer temperatures soar, we’ve made a seasonal switch from crusty winter loaves to enriched sweet doughs. Brioche works particularly well as a simple, light base for summer flavours. We recently teamed up with talented professional, Angus McCaig, Head Chef at The Holt, Honiton to create a delicious brioche baguette recipe. Try adding essential oils and candied peels to give your bread a flavoursome kick this summer.

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