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Bake a Kulich this Easter

For the past couple of years we’ve made Vanessa’s Italian Colomba Pasquale for Easter. It is delicious and very traditional but this Easter I wanted to explore a bit further afield and so I challenged Vanessa to come up with a different recipe. After some research, she has developed a Russian Kulich Easter bread for us to try. It is similar to a panettone in many ways, but Kulich originates from the Greek Kollix, which according to what I have read means a roll or loaf of bread.

It is an Easter bread and seems to have become part of the Russian Easter tradition through the orthodox church. Vanessa’s recipe is for three breads, but they are medium in size, freeze well or keep fresh for four or five days and make excellent gifts.

Traditional Kulichs are enjoyed in many countries including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia and Bulgaria. A Kulich is an enriched dough with added extra ingredients such as chocolate chips, walnuts, hazelnuts, BakeryBits Primavera mix or BakeryBits Rainbow peel or even sour cherries.

Take a look at the Kulich Bread recipe here.


We have a Kulich Bread kit for you to make this Easter bake easy for you. It contains all the ingredients except some larder basics.

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