Bradford Bakery is a new hand–crafted bakery and café opening in Bradford City Centre, West Yorkshire specialising in European style sourdough and yeasted breads, buns, laminated and savoury pastries. We will serve our own bakery shop and distribute our products to customers that appreciate the best quality hand-crafted bread and Viennoiserie. Bradford Bakery is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality food. The venue is a take-out or eat-in and will offer pastries and breads throughout the morning, sandwiches at lunchtime serving hot chocolate drinks and freshly ground speciality coffee.



• Reporting into the Head Baker, your team will be responsible for the preparation of a wide variety of breads, along with all other toppings/fillings for the products we sell. You will be expected to contribute ideas to product development creating new, innovative and seasonal products throughout the year.
• Your enthusiasm for baking will show in the extent to which you read and explore around the subject, questioning and improving all the time.
• At times you will deputise for the Head Baker on their days off, taking responsibility for the decisions that need to be made.
• You will be working five days a week in low season, and six in high.
• You must be presentable and able to talk to Bradford Bakery visitors in a professional manner.
• You must have excellent customer service skills
• You’ll be responsible for taking customer orders, selling goods to customers and answering any customer concerns. Understanding pricing, weights and proper packaging are important, but this can be learned through on-the-job training.
• As a bakery assistant, you’ll manage both the baked and unbaked inventories. Unbaked items are ingredients, such as eggs, flour or pastry cream. You’ll keep track of their expiration dates and cycle items so that they’re used appropriately. When ingredients run low, you’ll inform the baker or put in an order request – depending on responsibilities. You’ll also be in charge of the baked items. You may conduct a daily inventory of baked goods; such as how many bagels or donuts are ready to sell. You’ll inventory display items and put in orders for more when the count falls below a specified number.
• Adhere to the Bradford Bakery cleaning rota and inform the manager of any housekeeping issues within the production area
• Before the day starts and after the bakery has closed you’ll be in charge of most of the clean-up duties. This can include scraping out and cleaning mixers, degreasing kitchen surfaces, wiping down counters and displays and cleaning all cooking utensils. You may be in charge of inspecting equipment to ensure it’s up to safety requirements, you could assist the baker to ensure all food safety and handling procedures are performed.
• Having previous work experience in a bakery and the ability to work under pressure is important. You’ll also need to be able to lift heavier items and have the physical stamina to stand for the majority of your shift



  • Permanent
Expected hours
  • Full time
Qualifications Required   
  • Experience is essential in the following areas:

    • Strong and extensive knowledge about artisan techniques
    • Extensive knowledge about bread science, baker’s percentage, formula development, working with wet doughs, slow fermentation and alternative grains
    • Experience in traditional bread making using levian, biga, poolish and sourdough
    • Experience in preparation of pre-ferments and final doughs, handling long fermentation doughs and rustic doughs yeasted breads, laminated and savoury pastries
    • Experience in weighing, scaling, mixing, bulk fermentation, folding, dividing, pre-shaping and hand moulding, scoring, proofing, baking and cooling
    • Experience in creative pastry making and baking, exotic range of patisseries
    • Experience in using mechanical scale, planetary and spiral mixers, retarder proofer, proving cabinet, BDM, dough sheeter and deck oven
    • Ability in organising the daily production schedule and maintaining a clean and tidy work area throughout the production process
    • Ability in managing portion control on all individual items of bread and pastry
    • Be presentable and able to talk to Bradford Bakery visitors in a professional manner
    • Adhere to the Bradford Bakery cleaning rota and inform the manager of any housekeeping issues within the production area
    • Be creative and willing to be involved in new product development from conception through to costing and delivery of products

Personal Qualities

  • We’re looking for an Assistant Artisan Baker with some experience in a commercial environment. You need to have some skills in traditional bread making, both doughs and techniques, including hand moulding. It would be useful to have good cooking and food experience in general. You need to be personable, presentable, polite, kind, well organised and tidy. All of these skills are important, but you’ll also need a thirst for learning, a tendency towards perfection and an ability to pick things up quickly.



  • Please send your CV and a cover letter to so we can arrange for you to come in and meet us.