Summary: Ratio F&B Limited is looking for an assistant to work at its bakery and kitchen. We provide baked goods and light lunch items for independent coffee shops and cater for events.









Business Name: Bakery Assistant


Location: Oxford

Closing Date: 28-07-2017

Remuneration: See "Applications".

Job Description: Fundamental Responsibilities:

receiving training on a regular basis and staying updated regarding the changes to and/or improvements on the present operations
taking up regular production shifts at the main site
supporting the Head Baker throughout production operations
sorting, organising, and portioning ingredients for production
preparing ingredients for production
keeping the product preparation areas clean and organised throughout the production operations
washing utensils, kitchenware and kitchen equipment
cleaning the rest of the premises (storage room, utility room, lavatory) as indicated in the relevant rotas
sorting and ironing laundry (chef jackets, aprons, tea towels)
packing and loading products on a van for dispatch
executing basic cleaning routines as indicated in the relevant shifts
taking up occasional off-site service shifts at events that our company caters tea, coffee and baked goods to

Primary Requirements:

- experience in catering and/or hospitality
- punctuality
- passion for learning about cooking and baking
- competence in carrying out tasks quickly and efficiently
- ability to demonstrate a strong commitment to
- ensuring and maintaining hygiene standards throughout the production and the supporting operations
- devotion to follow detailed instructions carefully and to conduct procedures consistently
- willingness to welcome, understand and engage with feedback
- common sense

Desirable Qualities:

- driver’s licence
- formal training and/or self-education in cooking and/or baking

Contract: Permanent

Expected Hours: Full-Time

Applications: Recruitment:

We read and evaluate all of the CVs we receive, and we reply to all applicants regardless of the outcomes of their applications.
The consecutive stages of a positive application are as follows: (1) evaluation of your CV, (2) invitation for an interview, (3) invitation to three trial shifts, (4) making of the job offer. You will be asked to sign an employment contract with us in case of your acceptance of the job offer.
Following your acceptance, you will be notified regarding your start date and you will be presented with the Employee Handbook with which you are expected to act in accordance throughout your employment.
There will be a probationary period at the very beginning of your employment. This period is two (2) months. Depending on your level of expertise and performance, which will be evaluated on a weekly basis, this period may be shortened at the discretion of the Head Baker. During the probation period, which is designed to enable employees to receive the necessary training and to develop their skill sets in accordance with the specific operational procedures of our company, you will be paid £7.50 per hour plus holiday pay for your work. Our establishment pays its employees £8.45 per hour upon the successful completion of the probationary period.

If you think that the advertisement above suits your interests and abilities, please send your CV to We endeavour to reply to all applications and enquiries within three working days.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your interest!