Always wanted to know more about bread baking and want to experience how things work in a bakery? The Introduction Bread&Pastry course is a very intensive week which will give you the experience if various basic disciplines in the wonderful craft of the bakery.

In this week you will learn the basics in ingredients, the kneading, the shaping of the loaves, proofing the bread, scoring and baking the bread in a very intensive four day program.

You will start immediately with doughs that take more than one day to prepare, different grains, breads baked in a tin and directly on the floor of the oven and you will prepare French baguettes with a stone oven.

This week is all about discovering the secret of real pastry and bread, from French origins. Theory of ingredients and methods of preparation are also on the menu for this week. You work with professional materials in a professional environment.

We will teach this course in English, for all our pastry friends who want to learn more but are not able to follow the course given in Dutch.

We want to help you to discover your passion for baking!


At least and more: baguette, T80 bio bread, multigrain, p_½te lev_¸e, tartelettes (p_½te sucre) with e.g. lemon meringue, fruit tarte, different cookies (like oatmeal raisin), raspberry macarons.


€®© 995,- including VAT and lunch