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  • Laura Hart is our Baker of the Month

    Our baker of the month - Laura Hart Our baker of the month is Laura Hart of Hart's Bakery, Bristol. We love Laura's determination. She's created a fantastic bakery in an old Victorian train servicing tunnel under the station. The thing that really makes the bakery different is seeing with your own eyes the process of making bread happen in front of you. It's an open bakery and being able to stand and watch a true artisan baker at work while enjoying a coffee or one of Laura's custard tarts, really makes you appreciate what a lot of...

  • The Cake & Bake Show

    Cake & Bake logoAfter months of planning and a very long weekend powered by a few too many bruschetta from The Breadtree next door, we are pleased to report our first ever trade show appearance at last week’s Cake & Bake Show London was a triumph! Friday morning started tentatively, heaped with anticipation and the inevitable questions over whether we had brought the right stock with us and how interested visitors would be in our products and story. We needn’t have worried. The weekend started and ended a roaring success – we barely caught a moment to sneak away from our stand to meet our neighbours or spend a few minutes listening to Dan Lepard, Aidan Chapman and Richard Bertinet sharing their expertise! Continue reading

  • How To Run A Pop Up Bakery!

    Whether you’re a beginner, experienced home baker or simply a food lover, why not learn how to set up and run your own successful pop up bakery courtesy of food writer, author and BBC radio broadcaster Vanessa Kimbell. Vanessa has been running a popular pop up bakery for quite some time now and is full of knowledge and expertise having previously worked in a bakery in the South of France. Vanessa’s put a new course together to get you and your bakery off to a flying start. The course will include advice and tips and will cover everything...

  • Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style

    Hot-Cross Buns

    Aidan Chapman of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth likes to do things properly and his annual two-week stint making 1000s of hot-cross buns is no exception. We chatted about them recently and he mentioned his frustration at not being able to get a really good non-chemical clove oil, the flavour that turns a fruit bun into a hot-cross bun (that, and the cross!). So, we decided to have some specially made containing nothing but clove essence suspended in sunflower oil. It is good stuff - and you don't need to use a lot. In return, Aidan generously parted with his special hot-cross bun recipe. Read More

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