The academy was set up in 2012 by artisan baker, William Woo and partners. They have recently relocated to the current address with a set up of about 3000 sq feet.

The new location allows them to further expand their bakery, pastry courses and also sufficient space to conduct international masterclasses.

Some of their classes and programs include :

  • Bread Baking Foundation
  • Artisan Bread Program
  • Advance Artisan Bread Program
  • Professional Bakery Program – suitable for potential bakery owners
  • Basic Cake Program – suitable for home bakers
  • Cake Decorations Program 1, 2 & 3
  • Chocolate Making
  • Professional Cake Program - suitable for potential cake shop owners
  • Professional Coffee Barista Program

The academy believes in providing holistic and proper teaching and training in all their programmes and all classes are based on demonstration and hands on approached. 

2017 is the beginning of another mile stone for the academy where they will be a series of masterclasses planned to allow more participants to learn from international master bakers from around the world.  Some of the guest bakers are:

  • Chef Oren Hadjajd (Israel)
  • Chef Beesham Soogrim (Sweden)
  • Chef Mickael Chousabnard (France)
  • Chef Kiran Pandey (Japan)
  • Chef Dan Brown  (UK/Sweden)
  • Chef Martin Cyrille (France)
  • Chef Felix Remmele (Germany)