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  • Top Easter buys From BakeryBits

    Easter eggs are so out this year. Forget eating Easter eggs ... get baking instead with our list of top must have baking essentials this Easter. My top Easter buys Our Colomba Pasquale Kit - £19.47 (save 20%) Bake your own traditional Italian Easter cake Colomba Pasquale (Easter dove). Legend has it that Colomba Pasquale has been made in Italy since 530 AD from eggs, butter, flour and citrus oil.  This superb kit comes with Colomba Pasquale cases, Fiora di Sicilia essence, Manitoba flour, pearl sugar, beautiful Italian candied orange peel for Vanessa Kimbell’s straightforward Colomba Pasquale recipe...

  • Virtual baking with Delia Smith

    Delia Smith Bakeware Gift SetVeteran cooking show presenter, Delia Smith, recently took her recipes into the digital age with the launch of the Delia Online Cookery School.

    Accompanying the modernised edition of Delia’s famous recipe book, Cakes, the virtual cookery school is packed with recipes and tutorials based on the original techniques. Videos and recipe posts take viewers through a delicious series of lessons covering everything from fruit scones and banana loaves, to Swiss rolls and classic sponges. Continue reading

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