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Baking Recipes

A wealth of recipes from BakeryBits showing how to make all manner of breads using yeast or sourdough and how to get the most of our equipment and ingredients.
  • Bakery workshop assistant for Nutley Hall

    Job: Bakery workshop assistant

    Closing Date: 31-07-2018

    Location: Nutley East Sussex


  • Tiggers don’t like honey, but we do!

      Next week is “National Honey Week” and although my bees have been tucked up for the winter, in fairness I am not sure they would care too much to wave the flag for honey. Honey is just another jar on the supermarket shelf, isn’t it? It is very easy, as with most foods, to take it for granted. Actually, beekeeping is a very time consuming business that Man is making evermore difficult through the transportation of diseases and pests around the globe and through the spraying of cocktails of chemicals to keep our crops healthy but...

  • Indulge yourself! Classic rhubarb brioche

    My wife loves rhubarb. She thinks it’s marvellous stuff. I am not completely convinced but year-on-year I am getting there. Most probably this is because I am being worn down with a bowl of stewed rhubarb to go on top of my cereal and at the weekend, a sponge with rhubarb in it or a crumble or the like. My kids have a similar battle with it although are anxious not display any lack of loyalty to their mother, which is quite touching to see. “Would you like some rhubarb crumble?”….”Um, no thanks, the dinner was so nice I ate...

  • Sun-Kissed Red Pepper Focaccia

    I admit to a little envy this week as I sit by my desk receiving videos, skype messages and photos during Vanessa’s visit to Mulino Marino near Turin. Still, while I sit inside looking out, I do know that this week at least – or for a day or two more anyway, we have weather akin to the beautiful weather in Italy. Late spring sends wildlife into a reproductive frenzy with the birds and bees making the most of the fine weather. For a beehive, this means swarming. The colony reproduces by splitting...

  • Squeaky Cheese Bread for Your Picnic

    What a lot of eagle-eyed readers there are. I feel suitably chastised following my display of ignorance last week when I described my “teaming bees” rather than “teeming bees” which resulted in many telling us about it. We do our best to catch the typos knowing that we’ll hear about it if we stray too far. Keep it up! The proximity of Foster’s Mill in Swaffham (home to Prior’s Flour) with its neighbouring smock tower mill is unique in the UK. Listed as buildings of national importance, there is a threat to them as is increasingly common throughout the UK...

  • May You Be In Rude Health

    We’re quite taken aback by the number of individuals and organisations doing good work related to the baking industry. Schools of course, also community development projects through to historical preservation initiatives. I didn’t think we’d have to make a difficult choice to give away the granite hand-mill to one good home over another, but, to my surprise, we did. In the end we plumped for a project in the Orkney island of Westray (where the earliest representation of the human form in the British Isles was discovered). There, they are developing a hands-on activity centre for visitors to learn how...

  • Malted Beer Bread

    Beer. The word sends me off into a daydream. Proper craft beer made by someone that really cares about the unique flavour and, just like bread, wine or cheese (or coffee, chocolate or tea for that matter), each one has characteristics to respond to, whether a like or dislike. I used to make beer from grains at home a few years ago, with much protestation when the kitchen became engulfed with steaming hops. I’ll have another go soon I hope. Vanessa always knows how to get on the right side of me: she bought me a huge 3 litre bottle...

  • Malty Flapjacks for Snack Emergencies

    Brighter and longer days and we’re all getting outside again. Whether it’s to visit a nearby National Trust house and garden or to get the garden ready for sowing, it’s good to have a snack at the ready – in case of an urgent need for something to nibble. Seeded malted flapjacks, full of oats, and seeds and deliciously gooey maltiness for a quick reward while digging the beds. I have fond memories of sneaking a spoonful of malt extract from the cupboard as a child. It was probably intended for me to have in the first place, but all...

  • Naturally Sweet Hot Cross Buns

    The run-up to Easter is a good time to bake those indulgent treats and this year, we’ve had to wait quite a while as Easter falls late (the first Sunday following the first full moon that follows the Spring equinox, for those that are interested). Anyway, the bakes marking Easter originate from many sources including Christian, Pagan and Jewish among others, and from lots of countries. There should be something for everyone. In previous years, Vanessa has devised a Russian Kulich and Italian Colomba Pasquale. This year, I asked Vanessa to come up with a hot-cross bun variation that, perhaps...

  • If you can’t beat nettles, eat them.

    There are some oil seed rape flowers just starting to open in the field opposite me. In a week or two, the field will be that fluorescent yellow, quite different from anything else growing in the British countryside. My internal monologue battles itself with contradictory feelings about early spring: elation at the signs of sunshine and warmth, the countryside coming back to life, and downheartedness at the prospect of all those jobs that need to be done that could be ignored over winter, like preparing my beekeeping equipment. I suppose it is the same for most people, but one small...

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