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baking with lavender

  • How to Bake with Lavender

    “The the best way to describe Lavender is that it overlays a sweet fruity floral mintyness to baking.  It works with both sweet and savoury and it somehow transforms the everyday baked goods into something remarkable just by showing up in a recipe.  It is worth noting though, that with lavender ... less is more”. Vanessa Kimbell   Over the years I have come to the conclusion that you either love it, hate it or perhaps just a little afraid of it. Blue, mauve, indigo or pink, wonderful aromatic lavender hasn’t always been in vogue  ...  but it...

  • Which Variety of Lavender is Best For Baking?

    Not all lavender is delicious. In late August the Intermedia varieties such as Alba, Grosso, Dutch white, Old English and Lavender Seal come into flower.  These large varieties are grown commercially for perfume.  They are large plants when fully grown, with long grey green leaves and tall flowers. They also have very different culinary properties from the smaller traditional cottage garden Angustifolia which is in flower in June and the one best used for baking. Personally I find the Intermedia varieties are almost without exception overpowering in food, being both harsh and camphorous. It is the standard cottage garden species...

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