Never heard of a Panibois? They are great looking biodegradable packaging and bakeries who use them are reporting an increase in sales as a result.

We're delighted to have supplied a large order of Panibois to Selfridges this week. We've actually noticed a real increase in interest across the board. It's great to see our customers changing their packacing to somethign that doesn't harm the environment.

We’ve been getting more enquiries about sustainable packaging in general. Panibois makes 100% biodegradable wooden baking moulds, with a greaseproof liner suitable for the oven, microwave and freezer.

It’s not just the ethical advantage that is getting lots of interest. I think that Panibois are taking off for several reasons. They look stylish and increasingly clients are recognising the benefits of being able to print their logo on them at very reasonable prices.

Panibois baskets though aren’t just the preserve of the commercial bakeries. They are perfect for everyday home bakers; from cakes for the village fête, Christmas gifts, or small producers for the local farmers’ market, they are a brilliant way to present baked goods.

We find, from chatting to customers, that they are especially useful for people making small batches, because they increase the shelf life of baked goods, and freeze well...What's not to love Panibois come in many sizes and shapes to suit your needs and each size has its own delightful name.

500g "Duc" Baking Basket 10-100pcs

Duc wooden baking mould from Panibois 175x110x60mm, made from poplar wood with lining paper. These moulds are designed for baking and presentation of breads and cakes and are fully biodegradable.





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Featured images courtesy of (from left): Eileen Brown, Little Buzzard Bakery, Christine Sweeney