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  1. All-Butter Croissants

    All-Butter Croissants
    This is a three-day adventure to take you towards croissant perfection. Much easier and less effort than classic puff pastry, with much less rolling to do. This recipe only makes 6, but I’d like you to start here, getting your technique as sharp as you can, before you set up making dozens to supply your entire neighbourhood as the local viennoiserie star baker. You can do it, I believe in you, but just practice a little first.
  2. Original Beans - The Very Best Organic Chocolate - Flavour and Ethics

    Original Beans - The Very Best Organic Chocolate - Flavour and Ethics
    Everywhere you look there is a large range of chocolate available as confectionary and for cooking (couverture). Which is good - which is bad? Not easy questions to answer in the chocolate industry, much of which is still wracked with dubious labour practices and where the vast majority of chocolate is produced by a small number of processing conglomerates from which the familiar brands buy their materials. What makes the best chocolate? The answer to this is quite straightforward and similar to most other foods: use the very best raw ingredients and don't add anything else that cheapens or disguises the content. Chocolate should only be cocao, cocao butter and raw cane sugar (and milk for milk chocolate of course). No need for emulsifiers, lecithin or vanilla, all of which are signs that the product is compromised in some way. At BakeryBits, we want to offer the best ingredients without compromise. Original Beans is a Swiss-based chocolate company that produces only organic chocolate bought directly from individual smallholder farmers, all based in biodiversity hotspots, paying well above the Fair Trade premium generating funds for training and planting seedlings to extend the local rainforest. Continue reading →
  3. Festive ingredients for a fruit-free Christmas cake

    Festive ingredients for a  fruit-free Christmas cake
    It's the run up to Christmas and we are using all sorts of delicious festive ingredients in our baking. In this weeks Bakery Bits newsletter Vanessa has used orange essence, chestnut flour and cocoa powder to make a delicious dry fruit-free Christmas cake. You can sign up to receive our newsletter and get this, and other delicious recipes, straight into...
  4. Mulino Marino “00” Soffiata - Flour of the Month

    Mulino Marino “00” Soffiata - Flour of the Month
    April’s flour of the Month is Mulino Marino “00” Soffiata. 00 is the one flour that I would never be without.  It’s one of the best basic white flours a baker can have in the cupboard and I use it for everything, and I mean everything.  Bread, pizzas baguettes, brioche, croissants, muffins, cakes, pancakes and ciabatta with a 14 –...
  5. The Cake & Bake Show 2014

    The Cake & Bake Show 2014
    Win one of 5 pairs of Tickets to The Cake and Bake Show Manchester. Continue reading →
  6. The Bakery Bits Baking News

    The Bakery Bits Baking News
    We are almost bursting with news, so although it might be cold and wet and miserable we’re pretty sure that we can get you all through February baking some really super treats, and before you know it we’ll be well on the way to Spring. Continue reading →
  7. The World’s Original Marmalade Awards

    The World’s Original Marmalade Awards
    1&2 March 2014 www.marmaladeawards.com @MarmaladeAwards “2014 TO BE A GOLDEN YEAR FOR MARMALADE” Continue reading →
  8. The Chicago Metallic Range.

    The Chicago Metallic Range.
    It used to be that you only get an “oo” with Typoo. (For those of us old enough to remember that), but when people pick up a Chicago Metallic tin the most common reaction is quite literally an oo. What you can see online when you look at photographs is a clean design, with a super gun metal finish, but...
  9. Folic Acid for Everyone

    Folic Acid for Everyone
    There is something of an uncharacteristic fervour amongst the milling world. The small-scale artisans producing stone-ground flour around the country are concerned about their very existence, all because of folate (or folic acid vitamin B9). Folic acid is needed by us all for cell maintenance but is especially important for pre-pregnancy and pregnant women in order to reduce the chances...
  10. A BUMPER Harvest for Rye!

    Last year’s lovely, long and hot summer (or prolonged, severe drought if described by a farmer) caused many modern cereals to fail or to grow very poorly. Some crops that seemed to be doing fairly well then failed as the weather turned wet and made harvesting difficult thereby reducing the quality of the harvest. Dramatic swings in the weather during the...