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Bread Recipes

  1. 100% Emmer bread with pumpkin seeds and black barley malt

    100% Emmer bread with pumpkin seeds and black barley malt
    Emmer is the perfect flour when you want a bread with heartiness and body, something finely milled everyday wheat flours never really achieve, as they’re not milled for that purpose. In this month’s Bakery Bits recipe I’ve used Gilchester’s Organic Emmer Flour in a method typically used for 100% rye flour breads, where at least half of the flour is fermented overnight – either using yeast or sourdough – then made into a soft batter-like dough the following day with grated vegetable - say pumpkin or carrot - seeds, more Emmer flour, salt and some dark malt to give it a deep blackish colour. The resulting loaf is firm, packed with flavour and heavily seeded. Slice it thinly as you might with a Scandinavian rye bread, perfect for open-faced smoked salmon sandwiches, or as I’m eating it right now: toasted with some great marmalade.
  2. Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%

    Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%
    Baking with heritage flours compared with modern varieties can present some interesting challenges which are worth the effort to overcome. Some will, if used as a direct replacement for a modern fluffy white flour will give a denser texture, which of course would have been the norm. However, what they lack in bounce they more than make up for in flavour. To get the best of all worlds you can simply blend a modern strong white flour with a heritage flour of your choice. You will find that the addition of heritage flour brings a delicious flavour and texture to your everyday loaf, and each heritage flour has distinctly different flavour… so go on, try some, we have lots to choose from and you will love the flavour!
  3. Alex Gooch's White Spelt Foccacia

    Alex Gooch's White Spelt Foccacia
    Last year saw Alex Gooch win the flatbread category of The World Bread Awards with his roast beetroot and Ragstone focaccia.  So we are delighted to share this recipe from Alex. When I asked Alex what it takes to make a winner he replied,  “great bread takes patience and instinct and I love making bread making, it brings you into...
  4. Rosemary, garlic and Parmesan Flatbreads

    Rosemary, garlic and Parmesan Flatbreads
    Serving suggestion - slice in half, fill with garden salad and lamb sausages These flatbreads are so versatile.  They are wonderful torn up and loaded with humous or taramasalata alongside a glass of chilled white wine, but equally they are perfect for sandwiches the following day. We serve them lightly toasted with barbecued lamb sausages and garden salad for...
  5. Sharpham Park Farmhouse Loaf From SPELT by Roger Saul

    Sharpham Park Farmhouse Loaf From SPELT by Roger Saul
    From Spelt by Roger Saul © Nourish Books 2015, commissioned photography by Lara Holmes This wonderful recipe is from From Spelt by Roger Saul © Nourish Books 2015.  It is a really delicious and straight forward loaf.  If you don't have any spelt portage flakes, then try using some sunflower seeds. Cooks’ tip Warm proving is fine and will produce a...
  6. Ethiopian Honey Bread

    Ethiopian Honey Bread
    I have plaited this loaf, but you could also bake it in a boule for a simpler shaped loaf. This bread is deliciously aromatic and flavoursome. The combination of spices, sweetened by the honey needs a strong white flour, although you could also use 00 Soffiata flour for a more refined texture but I think the texture in Stoate’s stoneground...
  7. Rolled Oat Sourdough Boule

    Rolled Oat Sourdough Boule
    The cold weather is drawing me instinctively towards comfort food and a love for my porridge. Oats are very versatile and adding them to sourdough changes the texture and flavour of your loaf.  The crumb is softer, and slightly moister, and the oats add a gentle flavour. Nutritionally whole oats are an excellent source of fibre, protein and vitamin E...
  8. Minestrone Sourdough

    Minestrone Sourdough
    Making Bread Together by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is my favourite book of 2014.  I wrote about this great bread making book just before Christmas and I am delighted to be able to share this recipe for a wonderful filling bread is from infused with an array of flavours.  It has got potato, celeriac, carrot, leek, red onion, garlic and oregano – all the...
  9. Rosinbrod

    This is quite possibly one of my favourite breads of all time.  It is dark, sweet, rich and fragrant, and improves as it ages, (not that it ever gets very old in our house.) It seems rather sticky to begin with, but it does come together.  I cannot emphasis enough that fresh spices make the world of difference when you...