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Easter Recipes

Stuck what to bake this Easter? These recipes are sure to help you find your way.

  1. Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style

    Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style
    Aidan Chapman of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth likes to do things properly and his annual two-week stint making 1000s of hot-cross buns is no exception. We chatted about them recently and he mentioned his frustration at not being able to get a really good non-chemical clove oil, the flavour that turns a fruit bun into a hot-cross bun (that, and the cross!). So, we decided to have some specially made containing nothing but clove essence suspended in sunflower oil. It is good stuff - and you don't need to use a lot. In return, Aidan generously parted with his special hot-cross bun recipe.
  2. Colomba Pasquale - Easter Dove Cake

    Colomba Pasquale - Easter Dove Cake
    Colomba Pasquale is a soft, intensely orangey cake with an almond topping, used to celebrate Easter in Italy. It is a member of the panettone family baked in a stylised dove shape, made with almonds, candied peel and Veneziana essence. The cake is eaten when (in Italy) both oranges and almonds are in blossom, celebrating the promise of the crop to come.
  3. Russian Easter Kulich

    Russian Easter Kulich
    Ingredients: Makes: 3 x 500g cakes 175g unrefreshed sourdough starter (1:1) 150ml milk 4 large eggs 2 tbsp Ndali vanilla extract 2 lemons, zested or 2 tsp of BakeryBits lemon essential oil 650g Type “00″ Soffiata flour 2 level tbsp Osmotolerant yeast 200g caster sugar 240g room temperature butter, cut into 1cm cubes 200g raisins soaked in warm water for...
  4. Vanessa’s Easy Colomba Pasquale

    Vanessa’s Easy Colomba Pasquale
    Forget Easter eggs this year and treat everyone to a Fresh Pasquale di Colombo.  This is a simple 3 hour recipe for a Colomba Pasquale that really is rich and light. Made with butter and eggs and a good high protein Manitoba flour, it has all the texture you would expect from a traditional Italian festival cake and has a...
  5. Heart Cross Buns

    Heart Cross Buns
    I bumped into the ball of energy that is baker Michael Hanson a few years ago, and have seen him many times since, always wearing his trademark hat. With a strong ethical bent, Michael has been planning a social enterprise to funnel the profits from the sale of his blends of heritage flour grown and milled in England to worthy...
  6. Naturally Sweet Hot Cross Buns

    Naturally Sweet Hot Cross Buns
    The run-up to Easter is a good time to bake those indulgent treats and this year, we’ve had to wait quite a while as Easter falls late (the first Sunday following the first full moon that follows the Spring equinox, for those that are interested). Anyway, the bakes marking Easter originate from many sources including Christian, Pagan and Jewish among...
  7. Bake a Kulich this Easter

    Bake a Kulich this Easter
    For the past couple of years we’ve made Vanessa’s Italian Colomba Pasquale for Easter. It is delicious and very traditional but this Easter I wanted to explore a bit further afield and so I challenged Vanessa to come up with a different recipe. After some research, she has developed a Russian Kulich Easter bread for us to try. It is...

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