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A wealth of recipes from BakeryBits showing how to make all manner of breads using yeast or sourdough and how to get the most of our equipment and ingredients.

  1. Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style

    Hot-Cross Buns Aidan Chapman of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth likes to do things properly and his annual two-week stint making 1000s of hot-cross buns is no exception. We chatted about them recently and he mentioned his frustration at not being able to get a really good non-chemical clove oil, the flavour that turns a fruit bun into a hot-cross bun (that, and the cross!). So, we decided to have some specially made containing nothing but clove essence suspended in sunflower oil. It is good stuff - and you don't need to use a lot. In return, Aidan generously parted with his special hot-cross bun recipe. Read More
  2. Colomba Pasquale - Easter Dove Cake

    Colomba Pasquale Colomba Pasquale is a soft, intensely orangey cake with an almond topping, used to celebrate Easter in Italy. It is a member of the panettone family baked in a stylised dove shape, made with almonds, candied peel and Veneziana essence. The cake is eaten when (in Italy) both oranges and almonds are in blossom, celebrating the promise of the crop to come. Read More
  3. Pesto Baps

    Pesto Baps This is an easy to make, very reliable, easy to freeze and popular bap using pesto ideal for picnics and packed-lunches. It is based on an article by Dan Lepard author of The Handmade Loaf, for Soft White Baps and adapted to include pesto after having tasted something similar in a bakery in The Shambles in York some years ago. I used a basil pesto and a handful of dried basil, but Dan's recipe lends itself to other flavours such as cheese and onion, or cheese and rosemary, olives and rosemary - fresh if you have it. Coriander pesto also works well: experiment. Read More
  4. USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf

    Our 13" Pullman Pan from Chicago Metallic has been very popular, and has prompted requests for a smaller version and so we have started to stock a 9" Pullman by USA Pan, a sister company to Chicago Metallic. The recipe below is based on the Practically Perfect recipe, adapted to fill the 9" pan. Using the quantities below, you have...
  5. Apricot Loaf with Fermented Dough

    White bread made from stoneground flour tastes great. Add a little rye flour to it and it tastes even greater. Use fermented dough to raise the bread and it is greater still. Now, add some dried apricots and it is the greatest. This recipe comes from Panibois, the French manufacturers of the wooden baking moulds commonly seen in France in...
  6. Baking a Hollywood Malt Loaf

    Britain’s favourite master baker shares his recipe for a proper malt loaf. Exceptionally easy with a rich flavour, this loaf has a light texture and is more like a risen bread than the dense ready-made versions you find in supermarkets.
  7. Bread Baking at The Holt, Honiton

    The Holt Bakery - BagI’m a keen amateur baker, having ditched my bread machine a few years ago when I started working at BakeryBits -  it’s very hard to resist giving traditional bread baking a go, when, wherever you look you see artisan bread baking paraphernalia! My earlier attempts left quite a lot to be desired – unless you’re the sort that enjoys chewing on concrete, but now, most of the time, my bread turns out pretty well. However as I’ve basically taught myself at home, from reading books and asking Patrick every 5 minutes for advice, I knew there was a lot I was missing, many things I was probably doing wrong and also a heap of stuff that I was just guessing at without the technical knowledge to know how not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Continue reading →
  8. Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Vanilla extract is a ubiquitous ingredient in cakes - it's an ingredient in virtually everyone's kitchen. Why not make your own? It is really, really easy to do and you can customise it too. The extract takes about 8 weeks to make - no heating or factory processing needed here. The first thing you need to get is some attractive...
  9. Wheaten Scones Have More Bite!

    Using wheaten meal adds bite and flavour to your breads, try this wheaten scone recipe to see what we mean!
  10. Chocolate, Cinnamon and Orange Biscuits

    Chocolate, Cinnamon and Orange Biscuits
    Autumn brings the annual event with a grizzly origin, on 5th November we celebrate Guy Fawkes by burning his effigy on a bonfire - something for the children to enjoy it seems! Guy Fawkes was arrested alongside other members of the gunpowder plot for his part in an attempt to blow up the House of Lords and King James I...