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Sweet Recipes

Sweet Recipes

  1. All-Butter Croissants

    All-Butter Croissants
    This is a three-day adventure to take you towards croissant perfection. Much easier and less effort than classic puff pastry, with much less rolling to do. This recipe only makes 6, but I’d like you to start here, getting your technique as sharp as you can, before you set up making dozens to supply your entire neighbourhood as the local viennoiserie star baker. You can do it, I believe in you, but just practice a little first.
  2. Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns

    Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns
    Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns Introduction I can't quite make my mind up whether I enjoyed making these buns more than I enjoyed eating them! They are a joy. Huge chocolate buns gently spiced with vanilla and nutmeg, they are deeply flavoured, but not too sweet.  I suppose they are a backlash against the over sugared sweet commercial chocolate baked...
  3. Russian Easter Kulich

    Russian Easter Kulich
    Kulich is an Easter bread and became part of the Russian Easter tradition through the Orthodox Church. This Russian Kulich uses left over sourdough starter to add flavour, but the lactic acid also acts as a preservative so it extends the shelf life of your bread by a few days.  It  is very similar to an Italian panettone in many...
  4. Orange blossom brioche bread

    Orange blossom brioche bread
      The brioche are still pride of place on the counter in the bakery where Vanessa did her apprenticeship. Orange blossom brioche bread Heaven is lightly toasted brioche,  marmalade and a pot of tea. The very first job I was given when I started my apprenticeship the bakery in the south of France was to break the eggs for the...
  5. Mincemeat Tart

    Mincemeat Tart
    Mincemeat Christmas Slices I'm not a big fan of lots of pastry and I often find that mince pies can be more pastry than mincemeat, so this is my alternative version.  It is mincemeat sandwiched between a a sweet yeasted bread base and frangipani topping, and finished with a scattering of snow sugar.  I recommend using the pie baker (Cloche base...
  6. Sourdough Chestnut, Whisky and Date Christmas Cake

    Sourdough Chestnut, Whisky and Date Christmas Cake
    I love a slice of Christmas cake. It has to be dense, rich and sweet, served with a pot of tea, and packed full of fragrant spices and fruit   I've just baked this cake and the house smells glorious. I love a slice of Christmas cake. It has to be dense, rich and sweet, served with a pot...
  7. Orange Perfect Polenta Cake

    Orange Perfect Polenta Cake
    Our 2014 polenta crop has arrived – freshly milled from Italy. If you replacing 10% of your flour in your usual bread recipe with polenta you will discover that it adds a really superb extra fine texture to bread. Vanessa's delicious orange polenta cake recipe was first shown on our newsletter along with a Tiptree marmalade giveaway.Don't miss out...
  8. Raspberry Bakewell Tray Bake

    Raspberry Bakewell Tray Bake
    A summery picnic treat. The garden is full of glorious raspberries. Plump red luscious raspberries, to be honest it's a miracle any of them actually make it back to the kitchen to bake with at all. I have to remind myself that the tray bake is just as delicious. Don't be put off by having to bake the base first...
  9. Vanessa's Sourdough Scones

    Vanessa's Sourdough Scones
    Unrefreshed leaven is the secret to adding both extra flavour and giving your scones a lighter texture.  These are light, golden, have a wonderful crunch on the outside. Unrefreshed sourdough is slightly acidic, which means that it reacts with the sodium bicarbonate in the baking powder.  The sodium bicarbonate is a alkaline and the extra acidity from the starter means...
  10. Chocolate and Banana Sourdough Muffins

    Chocolate and Banana Sourdough Muffins
    This is the recipe I am most often asked for. It is THE sourdough muffin recipe I bake to enjoy with a cup of tea of coffee in the morning break of my sourdough classes.  It is a big deal to share it and I am doing so in the name of not wasting sourdough starter. It's a super quick...