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Yeasted Breads

  1. Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%

    Heritage Flour Blended Loaf, 50%
    Baking with heritage flours compared with modern varieties can present some interesting challenges which are worth the effort to overcome. Some will, if used as a direct replacement for a modern fluffy white flour will give a denser texture, which of course would have been the norm. However, what they lack in bounce they more than make up for in flavour. To get the best of all worlds you can simply blend a modern strong white flour with a heritage flour of your choice. You will find that the addition of heritage flour brings a delicious flavour and texture to your everyday loaf, and each heritage flour has distinctly different flavour… so go on, try some, we have lots to choose from and you will love the flavour!
  2. Cumin and Sultana Rolls

    Cumin and Sultana Rolls
    These wonderful bread rolls have deep aromatic Indian toasted cumin combined with plump sweet sultanas. By using the base of the cloche to proof in, you get a lovely flower shape and the salt glaze gives them a beautiful shine. Hydration 66% Example schedule: Preferment 9pm leave in the fridge overnight (otherwise, make 4 hours ahead and leave on worktop...
  3. Rosinbrod

    This is quite possibly one of my favourite breads of all time.  It is dark, sweet, rich and fragrant, and improves as it ages, (not that it ever gets very old in our house.) It seems rather sticky to begin with, but it does come together.  I cannot emphasis enough that fresh spices make the world of difference when you...
  4. Orange blossom brioche bread

    Orange blossom brioche bread
      The brioche are still pride of place on the counter in the bakery where Vanessa did her apprenticeship. Orange blossom brioche bread Heaven is lightly toasted brioche,  marmalade and a pot of tea. The very first job I was given when I started my apprenticeship the bakery in the south of France was to break the eggs for the...
  5. Russian Easter Kulich

    Russian Easter Kulich
    Ingredients: Makes: 3 x 500g cakes 175g unrefreshed sourdough starter (1:1) 150ml milk 4 large eggs 2 tbsp Ndali vanilla extract 2 lemons, zested or 2 tsp of BakeryBits lemon essential oil 650g Type “00″ Soffiata flour 2 level tbsp Osmotolerant yeast 200g caster sugar 240g room temperature butter, cut into 1cm cubes 200g raisins soaked in warm water for...
  6. Milk Loaf Made With Fresh Yeast

    Milk Loaf Made With Fresh Yeast
    ‘The flavour and sweetness of your bread depends in so great a measure upon the yeast used in its manufacture that I must claim your indulgence if I seem to treat it at undue length.’ Frederick T. Vine, Practical Breadmaking 1897 Fred Vine was not wrong. For as much as the kind of flour you use affects the flavour of...
  7. Khorasan Soda Bread

    Khorasan Soda Bread
    Something different to try for St. Patrick's day. I know that I risk possible abuse from the Irish because I’ve made this traditional soda bread recipe using Khorasan (or Kamut) flour, but bear with me. It still tastes like soda bread, but it is nutty, sweet moist and bakes to a beautiful light golden colour. Unlike normal bread there is...
  8. An English Twisted Loaf

    An English Twisted Loaf
    This easy wholemeal loaf is the best of everything English.  English wholemeal flour with Cornish salt, baked in an English tin. Best eaten on St George’s day toasted and smothered in cold salted English butter. We’ve used fresh organic yeast, but you could use 7g of dried yeast instead.  The roasted barely malt gives your loaf a deeper darker colour...

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