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How to get the best from artisan baking equipment

  1. Garden Herb Sourdough

    Garden Herb Sourdough
    Gardens are burgeoning with greenery so it is a good time for a straightforward sourdough loaf using garden herbs. This loaf is fairly light containing mostly white flour with some rye and spelt flour for more complex flavours. I used a selection of herbs currently in our garden: parsley, coriander, sorrel, chives, rosemary and a good helping of nasturtium leaves which have a mild peppery flavour. You can any herbs that you have, just make sure that you take out any woody bits before finely chopping them all up.
  2. USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf

    USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf
    Our 13" Pullman Pan from Chicago Metallic has been very popular, and has prompted requests for a smaller version and so we have started to stock a 9" Pullman by USA Pan, a sister company to Chicago Metallic. The recipe below is based on the Practically Perfect recipe, adapted to fill the 9" pan. Using the quantities below, you have the basis upon which your can alter the recipe to suit you.
  3. Living with a Wood-Fired Oven

    I've had a Four Grand-Mère wood-fired oven in my garden for a couple of years and have been learning how to get the best out of it. I've baked with it in 8" of snow and often in the dark, but can confirm that decent weather and daylight are more pleasant. As a weekend baker, I prepare for a large...
  4. Apricot Loaf with Fermented Dough

    Apricot Loaf with Fermented Dough
    Ingredients: Fermented Dough: 140g Strong White Flour 100g water 5g fresh organic yeast 5g salt Main Dough: 250g Fermented Dough 600g Strong White Flour 140g Rye Flour 400g warm water 5g fresh yeast 15g salt 120g dried apricots, halved White bread made from stoneground flour tastes great. Add a little rye flour to it and it tastes even greater. Use...
  5. Chocolate, Cinnamon and Orange Biscuits

    Chocolate, Cinnamon and Orange Biscuits
    Autumn brings the annual event with a grizzly origin, on 5th November we celebrate Guy Fawkes by burning his effigy on a bonfire - something for the children to enjoy it seems! Guy Fawkes was arrested alongside other members of the gunpowder plot for his part in an attempt to blow up the House of Lords and King James I with it. In response to the foiled plot, bonfires were lit around London and this has become an English festival, having developed into Guy Fawkes night.
  6. Roasted Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Pizza

    Roasted Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Pizza
    Like most people, I want to eat pizza on a Friday night with a glass or two, or when I’m too tired to cook and there is nothing I fancy in the fridge, but the time when I most want to eat pizza is most definitely not the time that I want to start making pizza. I think about pizza...
  7. Ben at the Pop Up Café loves the Oblong Covered Baker

    Ben at the Pop Up Café loves the Oblong Covered Baker
    Ben Royston-Bishop of the Pop Up Café in Deal, talks about how he uses the Oblong Baker: I've baked a couple of different types of bread in the oblong covered bakers, one naturally leavened (Tartine) and the other an overnight yeasted - pretty confident you can get great results whatever your style of bread. I used 1.5kg oval cane bannetons...
  8. Lavender & Lemon Cake

    Lavender & Lemon Cake
    Lavender and Lemon cakes in individual panibois are perfect for picnics - this cake has been iced with icing sugar with Blue and red colouring A great get-ahead trick with this cake is to double the recipe and freeze some. It keeps in the freezer beautifully, ready for an impromptu picnic and if you leave the lavender out then...
  9. Panibois - Probably the Best Baking Packaging in the World...

    Panibois - Probably the Best Baking Packaging in the World...
    Thank you to Fi at The Small Bread Company in Oundle for her beautiful bread I used in these shots Panibois makes some of the most useful things a baker can have. Not only are they useful, the wooden baking moulds are 100% biodegradable and come complete with a waterproof silicone liner for use in the oven, microwave and...
  10. Rosemary, garlic and Parmesan Flatbreads

    Rosemary, garlic and Parmesan Flatbreads
    Serving suggestion - slice in half, fill with garden salad and lamb sausages These flatbreads are so versatile.  They are wonderful torn up and loaded with humous or taramasalata alongside a glass of chilled white wine, but equally they are perfect for sandwiches the following day. We serve them lightly toasted with barbecued lamb sausages and garden salad for...