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How to get the best from artisan baking equipment

  1. Olive Oil Bread in an Oblong Baker

    Olive Oil Bread in an Oblong Baker
    Olive Oil Bread using an Oblong Covered Baker This loaf has a wonderful crispy crust and is a simple recipe all about the flavour of delicious olive oil in a delightfully crusty white loaf.  The olive oil gives it a light even texture, which goes wonderfully with olives and cured meats. Be wary of over proving, you are far...
  2. How to use a banneton.

    How to use a banneton.
    We've got some new bannetons at bakery bits, and they are beautiful.  They are made from sustainable seagrass grown and hand-woven by rice growers in rural Vietnam. I can't recommend using a banneton highly enough to give you a great crust a good structure to your bread - they are to just for sourdough, but any dough that makes bread. Using...
  3. Welsh Honey & Camomile Bara Brith - with a cup of Clipper Tea

    Welsh Honey & Camomile Bara Brith - with a cup of Clipper Tea
    I know that we are hard core bread bakers but bear with me .. there is a story to this cake.  It began approaching 5 years ago when I started writing my first book.  I was worried about making sure my recipes worked, I had after all only just returned to my career after children.  I advertised for recipe testers...
  4. Why use a stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread?

    Why use a stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread?
      If you read last week's beginners breed recipe then you might have spotted my daughter holding a beautiful large stainless steel mixing bowl. I've had lots of people asking about it so here is a little bit more on mixing bowls. A decent mixing bowl is an essential basic item in any baker’s kitchen. I love my old style...
  5. Bannetons - the how to guide

    Bannetons - the how to guide
    Why use a Banneton? Bannetons made from natural materials such as the cane and lined wicker ones work by creating a slightly humid micro-climate between the dough and the banneton during proofing. As the dough dries it creates a skin, and this is what makes a superb traditional crust on artisan bread. How to prepare a new banneton? When you get a...
  6. Minestrone Sourdough

    Minestrone Sourdough
    Making Bread Together by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is my favourite book of 2014.  I wrote about this great bread making book just before Christmas and I am delighted to be able to share this recipe for a wonderful filling bread is from infused with an array of flavours.  It has got potato, celeriac, carrot, leek, red onion, garlic and oregano – all the...
  7. Les Madeleines de Janet

    Les Madeleines de Janet
    I'm really delighted to share the is recipe because we've now got some wonderful French Madeleine tins in. If you haven’t baked a Madeleine then you missing out on one of the most delightful treats I know. The Madeleine is a light French, somewhat sophisticated small cake originating from The northwest of France, and when baked fresh they are utterly...
  8. Olive, Feta & Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia

    Olive, Feta & Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia
    I love rosemary. Related to lavender, its aromatic leaves work beautifully in any bread recipe, but this combination is magical. I’ve blended the flours to produce delicious, chewy bread and given the dough a long fermentation to really boost the flavour. The result is a robust sourdough that can really carry the depth of the olives and rosemary.  You will...
  9. Review Crust by Richard Bertinet

    Review Crust by Richard Bertinet
    crustPublished by Kyle Cathie Price £16 Step-by-step picture instructions for sourdough Includes recipes for rye, spelt, bagels and brioche Encourages use of unusual flours Comes with DVD Richard Bertinet trained as a baker in Brittany, and now has a cookery school in Bath where people travel to from all over the world. Continue reading →
  10. Pain de Mie (French Sandwich Bread)

    Pain de Mie (French Sandwich Bread)
    Pullman Tins or Pans, also known as, pain de mie are used to bake sandwich loaves - a loaf with equal square sides resembling a Pullman railway coach - hence the name. Pullman pans have a lid, making the bread bake in a confined space, giving it a texture which is firm and fine and the crust soft, so perfect...