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  1. What Makes a Good Olive Oil Good?

    What Makes a Good Olive Oil Good?
    Stocking Pelia olive oil has taken the team at BakeryBits on a bit of a journey to understand the differences between olive oils especially the complexities of the flavours - and how to characterise them. Philip at Pelia has given us the benefit of his extensive knowledge, some of which is related here. Philip describes the key aspects of olive oil flavours and what to look for when you taste them. The way that olives are grown and transformed into the delicious oil is a very important contributor to the final quality of the oil. We have a video showing how this is performed at Pelia along with a description of all of the stages in making the oil. We found it interesting enough to warrant a blog article and hope that you agree. Continue reading →
  2. The Story of Ndali Vanilla

    The Story of Ndali Vanilla
    Vanilla - Baking IngedientThe Ndali Estate is a 1000 acre farm set in volcanic soil in the tropics of Western Uganda. The farm specialise in the organic, Fairtrade growing and curing of fine vanilla, the best of which is sold as "Ndali" vanilla. Vanilla grows best in small-scale agro-forestry, it takes considerable time and care to produce the beans. Vanilla flowers the world-over are pollinated by hand to ensure a good crop since the very specific pollinating insects are not numerous enough to ensure this. So, the farmers must be on-hand within 8 hours of the flower opening to perform the delicate operation. After pollination, the beans then take 9 to 11 months to be ready for harvest at which point they are still green. Continue reading →
  3. High-grade stainless steel pastry or cookie cutters that are used by professional chefs

    High-grade stainless steel pastry or cookie cutters that are used by professional chefs
      Those aren't ordinary cutters.  These are precision made German cutters.  They are, high-grade stainless steel pastry or cookie cutters that are used by professional chefs.  They are uncompromisingly strong and unlike cheaper lower quality cutters they will not easily deform. These round, corrugated cutters are perfect for a gift and come as a set of 9 from 30mm to...
  4. Fairtrade, Organic Cocoa Powder

    Fairtrade, Organic Cocoa Powder
    Our Cocoa powder is priced at just £3.85  and is both organic and fairtrade. It’s wonderful stuff in cakes, not at all bitter and also happens to make really delicious hot chocolate.  Perfect to warm you up on a frosty day.
  5. Original Beans Chocolate

    Original Beans Chocolate
    Original Beans Chocolate  this extraordinary chocolate is as delicious as it is rare. This chocolate from war-torn Eastern Congo and this one in the photo is from the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest nature reserve and home of the last mountain gorilla's. < Before cacao trees were cultivated by humans, they grew wild under the lush canopies of diverse forest...
  6. The best chopping board

    The best chopping board
    What makes a great chopping board? A bread board should be the centre piece of the table. I love chopping boards as they get older.  The more lines they get from cutting loaves, the more I love them, but not all chopping boards are created equal. I like my boards to be heavy, and robust.  I love to feel as...
  7. Ndali Vanilla Powder

    Ndali Vanilla Powder
    Vanilla is often one of the forgotten about spices at Christmas. I often combine vanilla with cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and cloves. Vanilla has this extraordinary ability to pair with any of those spices and provide a lighter, sweeter, top note. A classic example of combining these spices would be using vanilla and cinnamon in cinnamon buns or adding a...
  8. Why use a stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread?

    Why use a stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread?
      If you read last week's beginners breed recipe then you might have spotted my daughter holding a beautiful large stainless steel mixing bowl. I've had lots of people asking about it so here is a little bit more on mixing bowls. A decent mixing bowl is an essential basic item in any baker’s kitchen. I love my old style...
  9. Oblong Baker

    Oblong Baker
    Our product of the month is our Oblong Baker. Use it for small crusty baguettes, or a string of rolls, keeping the crust crunchy and the crumb soft. Priced at £44.39 inc VAT - find yours <a href="https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/oblong-covered-baker.html">here</a> Buy The Product
  10. Bioreal® Organic Fresh Yeast

    Bioreal® Organic Fresh Yeast
    Excellent organic fresh organic yeast in a 42g cube, additive and GMO-free, use directly in place of the non-organic equivalent. Buy the product