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Featured baker

  1. Joe's Bakery, Bristol

    Joe's Bakery, Bristol
    Based on Gloucester Rd, in Bristol, Joe’s bakery has been owned and run by Martin and Jane Hunt since 1990 where there has been a bakery on site for over 120 years. Jane said “We are really pleased to be featured by BakeryBits. We love supporting a family business like our own. The most important thing that we do is...
  2. Laura Hart is our Baker of the Month

    Laura Hart is our Baker of the Month
    Our baker of the month - Laura Hart Our baker of the month is Laura Hart of Hart's Bakery, Bristol. We love Laura's determination. She's created a fantastic bakery in an old Victorian train servicing tunnel under the station. The thing that really makes the bakery different is seeing with your own eyes the process of making bread happen in...
  3. Baker of the month (March)

    Baker of the month (March)
    Tony Inga Our March baker of the month is Tony Inga from Buckinghamshire. We often see photos of rather lovely looking baking on his Twitter timeline @TonyInga. So we just wanted to say that we are loving your Challah’s, pizza’s, muffins, bread and bagels Tony. You are our March baker of the Month. As an Anglo-sicilian I have always been...
  4. Baker of the month (May)

    Baker of the month (May)
    Carl Legge We love Carl's tweets and pictures on twitter, and we we really impressed when we spotted that Carl has published his first book The Permaculture Kitchen. - We've featured a recipe of his from the book and here is some more information about Carl and some great tips. "I was really delighted to be named BakeryBits' baker of...
  5. Baker of the month (April)

    Baker of the month (April)
    Bee Morgan Bee's got baking in her genes. Her grandfather on mother's side - and generations before him - were bakers. She herself baked since she was a little girl and probably only stopped during her rat race years in London when she was working as a management consultant after her MBA. She currently bakes real bread for people in...

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