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  1. Which Yeast is Which?

    Which Yeast is Which?
    There is a wide range of yeast available at BakeryBits. Which one should you choose, what's the difference, how should they be used? Some yeasts are general purpose while others are specifically formulated for a particular job - raising a high-sugar dough sugar as panettone for example. Many versions of yeast have arisen in response to commerical bakery plants that...
  2. Don’t Suffer Ropey Bread

    Don’t Suffer Ropey Bread
    The warm weather is lovely, or at least, I think it is. The garden doesn’t really agree: peas have panicked and courgettes are a bit sad. The promised storms and heavy rain haven’t materialised yet, at least, not in the southwest. The results for UK cereals is that rye harvest is ahead and looking really good compared to the disaster...

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