Ingredients and what to do with them

  1. Get the lowdown on Vanessa Kimbell's latest book - The Sourdough School

    Get the lowdown on Vanessa Kimbell's latest book - The Sourdough School
    The Sourdough School Book by Vanessa Kimbell. Published by Kyle Books. Photography by Nassima Rothacker. Q&A with Vanessa Patrick: Tell me a little about for whom the book was written? Vanessa: The book is for all levels. From beginners who have never baked sourdough to advanced home bakers. I think it is also important to state clearly that this book is aimed at the home baker. I wrote it for everyone who wants to make sourdough bread by hand, and it’s full of delicious, fantastically voluptuous, beautifully crusty, homemade bread. There’s lots of information that guides you through the art of baking sourdough. It’s a book for anyone who want to really understand sourdough, and learn how to bake great tasting, nutritious bread. Continue reading →
  2. Beautiful Useful Bowls

    Beautiful Useful Bowls
    When I trained as a baker the very first thing that we were taught is what is known as ‘prep’. It involves getting your ingredients ready. This way there is no panicking half way through mixing a recipe when you discover like me that someone has made off with crucial ingredients. Visually you can see all your ingredients in front...
  3. Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns

    Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns
    Vanilla, Nutmeg and Chocolate Buns Introduction I can't quite make my mind up whether I enjoyed making these buns more than I enjoyed eating them! They are a joy. Huge chocolate buns gently spiced with vanilla and nutmeg, they are deeply flavoured, but not too sweet.  I suppose they are a backlash against the over sugared sweet commercial chocolate baked...
  4. Olive, Feta & Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia

    Olive, Feta & Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia
    I love rosemary. Related to lavender, its aromatic leaves work beautifully in any bread recipe, but this combination is magical. I’ve blended the flours to produce delicious, chewy bread and given the dough a long fermentation to really boost the flavour. The result is a robust sourdough that can really carry the depth of the olives and rosemary.  You will...
  5. Les Madeleines de Janet

    Les Madeleines de Janet
    I'm really delighted to share the is recipe because we've now got some wonderful French Madeleine tins in. If you haven’t baked a Madeleine then you missing out on one of the most delightful treats I know. The Madeleine is a light French, somewhat sophisticated small cake originating from The northwest of France, and when baked fresh they are utterly...
  6. Minestrone Sourdough

    Minestrone Sourdough
    Making Bread Together by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is my favourite book of 2014.  I wrote about this great bread making book just before Christmas and I am delighted to be able to share this recipe for a wonderful filling bread is from infused with an array of flavours.  It has got potato, celeriac, carrot, leek, red onion, garlic and oregano – all the...
  7. Rolled Oat Sourdough Boule

    Rolled Oat Sourdough Boule
    The cold weather is drawing me instinctively towards comfort food and a love for my porridge. Oats are very versatile and adding them to sourdough changes the texture and flavour of your loaf.  The crumb is softer, and slightly moister, and the oats add a gentle flavour. Nutritionally whole oats are an excellent source of fibre, protein and vitamin E...
  8. Norwegian Boller - Cardamom buns

    Norwegian Boller - Cardamom buns
    Like the croissant is to France, boller are to Norway, although we eat them with coffee at parties and when walking the forests and mountains. They are a milk-based bread, and are lightly sweet and with just a hint of cardamom. Boller are cardamom buns available everywhere in Norway with and without raisins but I have an overwhelming sense...