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Book Reviews

  1. The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard

    The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard
    The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard is 10 years old this week Contemporary European Recipes for the Home Baker Written and photographed by Dan Lepard     Our In house baker Vanessa Kimbell explains why this book is her favourite bread making book of all time. The Handmade Loaf is perhaps the single most influential bread making book of...
  2. Jane Mason - The Book of Buns

    Jane Mason - The Book of Buns
    I phoned Mexico about midday to chat to Jane Mason about her Book of Buns.  There was no answer, but a text arrived a few moments later.  It’s 6am here...can I call you in a bit? Despite being mortified at waking Jane up I was delighted to chat to her about an hour later about her fabulous book and how...
  3. Bread by Nick Malgieri

    Bread by Nick Malgieri
    Review Bread by Nick Malgieri, from  Kyle Cathie Books £18.75 Written by a former pastry chef with over sixty recipes for bread, rolls and cakes Packed full of ideas for what to make with the bread once baked Inspiring photography Appealing very much to my own sense of waste not want not, particularly with precious homemade bread, Nick Malgieri’s Bread...
  4. Bread Revolution by Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan

    Bread Revolution by Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan
    Bread Revolution by the award-winning bakers Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan is an engaging and accessible bread-baking book for beginners with plenty of interesting and unusual bread recipes Right from the moment you look at the cover of Bread Revolution the tone is set. On the front is a pair of likely lads looking like a right pair of...
  5. Review - The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

    Review - The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
    - Trade secrets from a successful London bakery specialising in American baking Recipes for colourful cupcakes, pies, muffins and layer cakes. It seems fair to say that a cookbook selling over a million copies is a classic. When this book was first published in 2009 it was something of a revolution. Bakeries were simply not in the habit of sharing...
  6. The Pocket Bakery by Rose Prince

    The Pocket Bakery by Rose Prince
    We are delighted to have a limited number of signed Pocket Bakery books. Last year Vanessa, our in house baker, interviewed Rose Prince about her pocket bakery. Rose explained that what started as a means of getting her children to earn pocket money became a powerful bridge between school and work for her son Jack.  You can't help admiring Rose...
  7. Making Bread Together

    Making Bread Together
    Muesli bread I love a good baking book and even more so if I actually bake from it …. For Parents and grandparents this is one to sit up and pay attention to because this one is a cracking gift -  Making Bread Together £16.99 –is my favourite book of 2014. I’ve never heard such squeals of delight when...

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