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  • Bourke Street Bakery

    Regular two hour classes are run by the Bourke Street Bakery€Ÿës head baker, covering the whole bread making process from flour to finished loaf. The classes teach techniques that can be used in a home kitchen, and are pitched at a level suitable for both keen beginners and those with some baking experience. There is a Sourdough Master Class, in which you will learn everything from making and maintaining your own starter, through mixing and shaping dough, to tips and tricks for a perfect bake. In the Italian Bread Master Class you can discover the stories behind some classic Italian...

  • Brasserie Bread

    Brasserie Bread runs regular adult€Ÿës and children€Ÿës classes. For adults there are three hour workshops. These include an introductory class teaching the basic techniques needed to make great bread at home (The Home Baker Workshop) and The Art of Sourdough which covers all the essential skills needed to create a sourdough starter and use it to bake long fermented loaves. There is also a class for gluten free bakers, a pastry class and a brioche workshop. Children€Ÿës classes run every Saturday and during school holidays. There are free, one hour baking classes, which are booked up almost...

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