Bannetons (or proving baskets) have always been amongst our most popular products: selling them from a spare bedroom is how BakeryBits got started. At the time we were the only UK company selling them – now we sell the most and with the majority being made to our specifications. Ubiquitous in the artisan-baking world, they make such a difference to bread baking that they are essential for free-form sourdoughs – actually I use them for all my free-form breads.

Our wicker and cane bannetons, along with our new Seagrass ones are made by hand from sustainably grown materials in Asia by rice farmers. There are a couple of rice harvests a year and between these they can make an income making baskets helping to avoid rural depopulation to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. I like these as they have a slightly different, more delicate pattern than the cane ones.

Like the other bannetons that we offer, these are simple to look after and should last for years. There are some simple things to remember to do to make sure that they perform perfectly. Vanessa Kimbell has written an article where she addresses the most commonly asked questions we get are about their use and care. You can read all about how to take care of your banneton here:

Éric Kayser
Competition Winner

We are delighted to share some of the baguette entries - the winner is Martin Belderson who has won a signed copy of the excellent Éric Kayser Larousse Book of Bread.

Following the popularity of our new Wheat and Spelt leaven sachets from France, we’re running another offer this week: buy a cane or seagrass banneton and get a sachet free to try using code: BANNETON15.

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