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Beautiful Useful Bowls

Bowls overhead lifestyle - Blog featureWhen I trained as a baker the very first thing that we were taught is what is known as ‘prep’. It involves getting your ingredients ready. This way there is no panicking half way through mixing a recipe when you discover like me that someone has made off with crucial ingredients. Visually you can see all your ingredients in front of you, so you have an opportunity to assess ratios and quantities even before you start mixing your recipe.

Then there is a moment where I will stand back and look at what is in front of me - a moment of reflection. These Maison Cash bowls are absolutely perfect to use to pre-weigh your ingredients. They are robust, traditional and practical to store as they make a neat nest. They are also to my eye incredibly beautiful. I want to pick them up. I want to have that sensory moment when I choose an ingredient and tip it into the bowl - it connects me to the artisan nature of what I am doing.

Call me a romantic but I do actually own some pudding bowls of my Grandmother’s that are about 80 years old, so from the 1920’s or 1930’s, and these feel just like those original bowls. So hats off to Maison Cash & Co. I would like to say that one nest would satisfy me but the truth is you can't have too many of them. By the way you can also make Christmas puddings in them!

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