Tartine Bread in an Oblong Baker

Ben Royston-Bishop of the Pop Up Café in Deal, talks about how he uses the Oblong Baker:

I've baked a couple of different types of bread in the oblong covered bakers, one naturally leavened (Tartine) and the other an overnight yeasted - pretty confident you can get great results whatever your style of bread.

I used 1.5kg oval cane bannetons from BakeryBits, they are a touch too wide but if you carefully turn your dough out you can get it in just fine. Worth having a bench knife handy in case you miss and need to tuck and edge in. (I've used up to 1.6kg of dough 78% hydration sourdough).

I thoroughly preheated the baker and the lid and then bake with the lid on for just over half the bake.

For my sourdough 260ºC and down to 230ºC when I take the lid off and 230ºC for the entire bake for my yeasted white loaf. Both took under an hour.

The main advantage is the crust you get, it really is the best I've managed. The bake is quite quick and even.

I didn't use anything to grease/line/flour the bakers and the loaves come out pretty easily, occasionally they need a bit of a shake. Also I've found the baker to be quite forgiving. The support offered by the sides of the baker mean that when an experiment has gone a bit wrong (ie not adequate gluten for the round to hold its own shape) I've still got a fairly decent loaf out. For our cafe we do several loaves in a row, with a short reheat time between loads and use 2 bakers in one oven.

Tartine Bread in an Oblong Baker