Breid – Wild yeast bread bakers with a Scottish touch in the heart of the East End serving a growing number of local cafes and restaurants.

This microbakery is going macro and looking for someone a bit special...



Baker  - talented, knowledgeable and experienced. We're not just looking for someone to bake our bread, we're looking for someone who will make our bread better and help develop new products as the business grows.

This is what you need to have:

  • Passion bordering on obsession when it comes to bread.
  • Experience baking a range of breads, especially wild yeast/sourdough.
  • Skilled in and knowledgeable of all bread making processes; ingredients, mother culture, preferment, mixing, fermentation, shaping, proving, baking.
  • An eye for detail and consistency.

Any of these would be a bonus:

  • Viennosierie/Pastry/Cake baking experience
  • Knowledge of Scottish cuisine and ingredients
  • Drivers licence


  • Permanent

Qualifications Required   

Personal Qualities





  • Please apply with CV to Miller on