Our bread baking days, mostly run at Frogmary Farm in Somerset take you from mixing the dough through to shaping and baking, stopping on the way for a lunch of homemade soup, bread and cheese, starting at 10am for coffee and introductions and then:

  1. Demonstration of mixing and kneading.
  2. Making of basic bread dough from scratch (single prove)
  3. Making of "Real Bread" dough using "pre-fermentation" + double prove
  4. While the bread is proving we will shape a pre-made sour dough using proving baskets
  5. Make focaccia dough
  6. Lunch (Home made soup, bread and cheese board)
  7. Shaping and baking all loaves
  8. Finish 4.00 pm ish, go home with a box full of bread to share with family and friends or put in the freezer